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How To Delete Sent WhatsApp Messages On Receivers Phone

WhatsApp has officially announced the 'Delete For Everyone' feature. It was the most demanded feature that was in demand since years. Prior to the launch of this feature there was no way to recall a message that was accidently sent to one of your WhatsApp contact or group. In the past the only way to unsend a message was to immediately delete it before it reaches the WhatsApp server. One has to do this in microseconds and only Superman can do it or the ones that had slow internet. But with the latest WhatsApp version the 'Delete for Everyone' feature has been officially rolled out for every user. The only thing you have to do is to update/install WhatsApp on your phone. You don't need to install any beta version of this to work.

Things To Know Before Using The 'Delete For Everyone' On WhatsApp

If you are going to use this latest feature then make sure that you are aware of its limitations and situations in which it will not work. So below there are some limitations of this feature.
  • You can only delete/unsend/recall a WhatsApp message within seven minutes after sending. After seven minutes you can't delete the message on the receiver's phone.
  • To use this feature the latest version of WhatsApp should be used on both ends. However we have found that delete for everyone feature still works with some older versions of WhatsApp.
  • You still have seven minutes to recall a WhatsApp message. But during this time the receiver may see the message or can take a screenshot of it. So be careful about what you are sending on the other side.
  • You can also recall or delete messages sent to a group within seven minutes.
  • The delete feature doesn't work in WhatsApp Web.

How to Use The 'Delete For Everyone' Feature On WhatsApp

  • Lets say, you have accidently sent a message to one of your WhatsApp contact and now you want them deleted.
  • To delete the message on both ends first long tap the message then delete the bin (delete) icon on top right. Then tap 'DELETE FOR EVERYONE'.
  • 'You deleted this message' will be shown in the place of that deleted message. You can also delete this deleted message by long tapping it and selecting the delete icon.

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