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How to Force Restart a Frozen Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was launched last month (August, 2017). This is the first Samsung flagship smartphone in the Galaxy Note series to feature an infinity display. It is also the first Galaxy Note to get a dual camera setup with 6 GB RAM. Besides having a large 6.3 inch touchscreen the phone fits in hand without any issues. After the failed Galaxy Note 7, Samsung redefined the Galaxy Note 8 with its best efforts.

The Galaxy Note 7 failed and was discontinued in October 2016 due to faulty battery issues. The Note 7 was using a battery that had dangerous manufacturing defects. These manufacturing defects caused the battery to give out smoke or explode without giving a warning. This situation could have been overcome if the phone had a removal battery. But unfortunately it hadn't. Now all Samsung flagship smartphones equip a non-removable battery, and don't panic because the Galaxy Note 8 battery is completely safe.

The only problem with a non-removable battery is that if your Galaxy Note 8 freezes or becomes unresponsive then you can't remove the battery to restart the phone. However, Samsung smartphones are equipped with a safety feature that automatically restarts a frozen/unresponsive Galaxy Note 8. This safety feature is the automatic force restart which comes into play to save the battery and the screen.

But in most situations the phone doesn't get restart itself. In this case you have to employ the manual override to force restart your frozen Galaxy Note 8. This manual override is safe and doesn't delete any data from the phone. This tutorial applies to all version of Note 8 from Bell Canada, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and global.

How to Force Restart a Frozen Samsung Galaxy Note 8

  • When the phone becomes frozen, unresponsive, and touchscreen doesn't accept inputs then wait for at least 10 seconds for the automatic restart to come into play.
  • If your Galaxy Note 8 doesn't get restarted within 10 seconds then its time to do the manual override (soft reset).
  • Simply press and hold the 'Power' button and the 'Volume Down' button simultaneously (at the same time) for more than 7 seconds or until the phone vibrates.
  • This button combination will even work when the Galaxy Note 8 shows only black screen.
  • After pressing the buttons the phone will boot normally.

How to Exit the Maintenance Mode on Galaxy Note 8

Maintenance Mode on Galaxy Note 8

The 'Power' and 'Volume Down' buttons are also used to start the maintenance mode. If your phone is showing the black screen then it is possible that after pressing this button combination your Note 8 may boot in to the maintenance mode instead normal boot. First of all if you see the black screen then first use the 'Power' button only to check whether the phone boots up or not. If it doesn't start then it is frozen and only the 'Power' and 'Volume Down' buttons will restart it. If your phones boots in maintenance mode then to exit it select the 'Normal Boot' option. To select any option use the volume buttons to move up or down the list and use the 'Power' button to confirm the selection. The phone will reboot to home screen.
Warning: Do not use the 'Factory Reset' option in the maintenance mode. If you do so all the data will be erased and factory reset protection will be enabled. Learn more about factory reset protection.

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