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2G Network Option Missing From Moto G4 Plus After Updating to Android 7.0 Nougat: How to Fix

Moto G4 Plus is the only android smartphone in the Moto G series that has faced many software and hardware problems since its launch. The very first notable problem was of overheating. Then Motorola took this seriously and released a series of OTA updates to fix this. Then a new problem arose during the July security patch update in which the notification sound became very low. The notification problem still exists in android 7.0 Nougat and most of the time the sound is inaudible.

Now after updating the Moto G4 Plus to android 7.0 Nougat, the users are reporting screen burn-in issues and a very rare problem related to the cellular network. Users of Moto G4 Plus are unable to select 2G network on any SIM. The 2G network option is nowhere to be seen under network type selection. 2G network is not banned in India then why Motorola is dissuading the Moto G4 Plus users from selecting it. If you have upgraded your Moto G4 Plus to android 7.0 Nougat then you will find that you can only select either 4G or 3G network for any SIM. The access to 2G network is either intentionally or accidently removed.

Why 2G Network is Still Necessary for Smartphones

If you own a smartphone then it may have the capability to operate with different network technologies like 2G, 3G or 4G (LTE). Since 3G and 4G networks are new in India therefore there coverage is much far behind than 2G in most areas. In India, these high-speed networks (3G/4G) do not work properly inside a building. If your house is located near skyscrapers or tall house buildings or there are not enough cellular towers in your area then you are definitely having connectivity problems with the 3G or 4G network.

2G is present worldwide since 1999 and it operates at 900MHz frequency band compared to 2100MHz 3G band and 2300MHz 4G band. Due to lower frequency 2G signals can penetrate building walls providing better in-house signal reception. So you remain connected all the time. On the other hand, 3G uses UMTS 2100MHz frequency band which is not good at all for getting good reception inside a building. However, 4G networks use three bands which somehow provide better network reception than 3G inside a home.

If you live in an area where 3G/4G signal reception is weak then you should select 2G network on your phone. Weak 3G/4G signals drain the phone's battery at a very high rate and make the phone to overheat.

Unable to Select 2G Network on Moto G4 Plus After Android 7.0 Nougat Update: How to Fix?

I must tell you that it is true that 2G option is missing from Moto G4 Plus after upgrading to android 7.0. But we can still select the 2G GSM network with a simple trick that I am going to share. Weak 3G and 4G signals are not good both for your phone and your health. So you should immediately select GSM on your Moto G4 Plus for good network reception, preventing unusual battery drain and ill effects of weak signals on one's health.

Note: Don't use the code '*#*#4636#*#*'. When you dial this code from your Moto phone then it will let you select the network type from 2G, 3G or 4G. But it does not work at all.

The trick I am going to share here works on both SIM cards and you can select 2G network on any SIM any time. But do note that only one SIM will work on 2G at a time. This trick works on AirTel SIM and Vodafone SIM doesn't allow connection to 2G network sometimes, but it connects when we repeat the process 2-3 times. If we do so the phone app force closes itself. This makes us think that 2G network in India is slowly reaching its end.

  • Open 'Settings' and go to 'More>Mobile networks'.
  • Select the SIM which you want to operate on 2G. This SIM would be in slot 2 or it may be the SIM which is not using data network.
  • Now keep this 'Mobile network settings' screen open and swipe down the notifications panel and tap 'SIM 2' to open SIM card settings.

  • Tap the green button to disable the slot. Then enable it few seconds.
  • Now go back quickly after enabling the SIM slot and quickly start tapping 'Preferred network type' multiple times. Select '2G' from the list.

  • After selecting 2G the option will become unclickable and the network will be locked to 2G GSM.
  • If you want to change to 3G then you can repeat the process.

➜ Split Screen Trick

If you are finding the above procedure too fast then you can use the split screen view to enable 2G network. Basically, we run 'Mobile network settings' window and 'SIM card settings' window in the split screen view for quickly accessing the 'Preferred network type' on the same screen without going back.

  • Open 'Settings' and go to 'More>Mobile networks'.
  • Scroll down the notifications panel and tap 'SIM 2'. It will open SIM cards.
  • Now long tap the recent apps button to activate split screen view and select the 'Mobile network settings' window which was opened previously. Your split screen view will look like this below.

  • Now tap the green button in front of SIM slot to disable it. Then enable the slot again.
  • Now immediately keep tapping the 'Preferred network type' in another window of the split screen view.
  • Select 2G from the list before the network gets locked again.

This trick may or may not work on all networks. Because sometimes the cellular network reaches the phone instantly after enabling the SIM slot. In this short span of time, we can't tap the 'Preferred network type' option and it becomes unclickable. This trick is currently working with AirTel only., but you can try this trick below.

For Vodafone Users

Insert Vodafone in SIM slot 2 and make sure that the SIM in slot 1 is using 4G network. Now follow the steps below.
  • Remove the SIM from slot 1.
  • Now a popup will open asking you to switch your Vodafone SIM for data network. Tap 'No'.
  • Now follow the split screen view method given above to select the 'Preferred network type' 2G on Vodafone SIM.
  • Now insert any SIM in slot 1 and set the network to 4G.

➜ Watch the Video Tutorial

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  1. Have the same problem. I'm in the USA, I installed radio switch from the Play Store and this has solve my problem you can select GSM only. I find I have to reselect it every time I reboot reboot my phone. It works for me.

    1. This problem has been fixed by Motorola in the latest Nougat update build number NPJ25.93-14. See here below.