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How to Secure Yahoo Mail for Android with a Fingerprint Lock

Yahoo Mail for android is a versatile email app which also allows you to configure almost any email account including Gmail and Outlook. If you have an email account on any server then you can set it up in the Yahoo Mail android app. With a recent yahoo app update the Yahoo Mail for android can now be secured  with a fingerprint or a pattern lock. The app uses the already configured fingerprint or pattern lock on your phone. It’s a useful feature since you don’t need to lock the app with third party apps to secure it. All you have to do is to enable the security in the app settings.

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How to Secure Yahoo Mail for Android with a Fingerprint/Pattern Lock

  • First of all your phone should be using a pattern or fingerprint lock.
  • If you haven’t configured the pattern or fingerprint lock then go to ‘Settings>Security’.
  • After setting the pattern lock and the fingerprint go to Yahoo Mail app and open it.
  • Tap the “Menu” icon on top left corner and scroll down to “Settings”.
  • Here tap “Security” and then tap “Immediately”. Now go back.
  • Now whenever you launch the app you will be asked for your pattern lock or fingerprint to access the app.
  • This security feature prevents unauthorized access to your Yahoo Mail app without using third party app locking apps.

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  1. What do you do if you manage to forget your pin/pattern

    1. In this case you can set the Yahoo app on another phone. If you forget the pattern of your phone then it can't be unlocked easily, at least can't be unlocked without finding a workaround.