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[Latest] Google Play Store 6.2.10 APK Free Download For Android

Google Play Store 6.2.10 APK is now available for download. This is the latest version of the app. Apart from colourful tabs and animations we can find a new option called 'Itineraries From Gmail'. This feature actually provides app recommendations based on the itineraries found in your Gmail account. You can simply called it 'app recommendations based on email'. Well this idea is good since we get default app recommendations in Google Play Store app that may or may not suite our interests. But this new feature will definitely open gates to better apps based on our interests.

As we all use the Gmail app more than the play store app because we get emails from our friends, family, and colleagues on a daily basis. We also receive promotional emails from services that we have subscribed to. So updating to latest version you can check this new feature and see what recommendations you are getting. You can disable the 'Itineraries' if you don't want to use it. There are no further improvements in the app.

Google Play Store 6.2.10 APK Free Download - Get It Here

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