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WhatsApp Is Now Free For Lifetime But You Can Still Pay For A Friend

It official WhatsApp is now completely free for lifetime and will not charge the annual $1 fee. WhatsApp service is free for the first year after that you have to pay a minimum fee of $1 per year to stay connected. In India WhatsApp is always free. Users who installed it the first time are getting their service time period automatically renewed to another year. In India WhatsApp never charged any fee. It is also free in most under-developing countries. Now it will be free in the USA also. Today WhatsApp is free because almost 1 billion people rely on it for their day to day communication and everybody doesn't have credit or debit cards, so it may make someone sad that after one year their service will be stopped. So, making it completely free solved the problem and now nobody has to worry about the service expiration.

whatsapp free for lifetime

This is not it, WhatsApp founder Mr. Jan Koum has new plans to connect the businesses. You can even call your bank to get the details of the transaction. Or you can order goods from local businesses by just using WhatsApp. This may be the new business model through WhatsApp will generate revenue. This idea will work because a lot of people rely on WhatsApp for business communication and it is also the fastest method to share messages and media. It is even faster than normal mobile messaging service. Also, the communication between android smartphones will be completely encrypted making the app the largest communication app to chat privately.

However, the app is completely free now you can still pay for a friend. You can either pay for a friend for 1 year, 3 years or 5 years. The fee is the same. This feature will soon be removed too in the next app update.

You don't have to do anything to make your app free. You will receive a notification automatically stating that your service time-period is valid for lifetime.


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