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Remix OS Lets You Run Android On Almost Every PC And MAC

We have seen many ways to run android OS on our desktop computers and MacBooks. The most popular way of running android on X86 computers is the android SDK. Then came BlueStacks app player and finally I have seen android-windows. But all of these methods are not enough to completely experience android on desktop computers because they run very slowly. JIDE technology has devised a way to run android on PC/MAC in a desktop-style operating system. JIDE has developed Remix OS which is a modified version of android that runs via a USB 3.0 drive on your PC or MAC. With Remix OS, you are actually running android in a desktop-style OS. It also has a start menu and recycle bin. So, everything looks like a Windows OS.

remix os

JIDE has also developed Remix Mini, a device having an HDMI output which is capable of running android OS on any screen having an HDMI input. You can use this device with your TV or monitor having an HDMI input. This mini android PC fits into your pocket and only costs $70 in the USA.

remix mini

If you are using the Remix OS on your PC/MAC then you can install the ISO in a USB 3.0 drive. USB 3.0 drive is required because it is 10x faster than version 2.0. To run this OS fast and smoothly your laptop or desktop computers should have a USB 3.0 port.

How To Install Remix OS On A PC/MAC

Actually, we are not installing it on our computers. We are installing the ISO file on a USB drive and will boot the OS from it. It will not delete your existing Windows OS/MAC computers. Follow the steps below to install.

  • Download Remix OS for PC/MAC - Download Link.
  • Please note that Remix OS is currently in alpha version so you may find bugs in it.
  • Download and unzip the file on the desktop.
  • Use the 'Remix OS USB Tool' to burn the ISO to USB 3.0 drive.
  • After burning the ISO turn off your PC and go to BIOS settings.
  • In BIOS settings change the boot option and select the USB drive.
  • Wait for few seconds for the operating system to load.
  • You can either select 'Guest Mode' or 'Resident Mode' before using the software.

That's it for now. We will do the brief of Remix OS later and will tell you everything about it. If you liked the article then please share it.

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