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How To Play Sonic Advance [SonicN Nokia N-Gage Game] On Android

Sonic Advance is a platform game for the GBA (Game Boy Advance) which was released in 2001 in Japan. It was released in North America in 2003. Itwas ported to Nokia N-Gage in 2003 as SonicN. SonicN is the launch title for the Nokia’s N-Gage gaming console. The game features four playable characters Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy Rose. The player has to clear several acts and defeat doctor Eggman in boss stages. Since there is no N-Gage emulator available for android you can’t play the SonicN N-Gage game on android. But there is an alternate way with which you can play it.

SonicN is the complete port of the GBA’s Sonic Advance. It is also ported to android. So the gameplay is almost the same on both platforms. The game is more enjoyable on the GBA android emulator because it can run in landscape mode on larger screens as compared to the Nokia N-Gage which ran the game in portrait mode only, also, the emulation is slow on the Nokia’s gaming console. You can also apply cheats in the GBA emulator for android. I too have played this game many times in my childhood days.

Downloads Required

1. GBA Gameboid emulator APK.
2. Sonic Advance ROM: Search in Google
3. GBA BIOS file
4. SonicN Android Apk [Optional]: Google search

How To Play Sonic Advance [SonicN Nokia N-Gage Game] On Android

  • Download and install the APK.
  • Download the rom and bios file and copy to your phone’s external sdcard in a folder and name it ‘Sonic’.
  • Open Gameboid and go to 'Menu>Settings'.
  • Tap 'GBA BIOS file'. Locate the file in 'Sonic' folder and select it.
  • Now go back to the main screen and type this ‘/sdcard1/Sonic’ in the search field and tap ‘Next’ on phone’s keyboard.
  • The rom can now be seen in this directory. Tap the rom to start playing the game.
  • The game will run in landscape mode with default settings. We have to configure it for best gameplay experience.
sonicn on android

Settings For Gameboid Android Emulator

1. Screen Orientation

  • Open Gameboid a file explorer will open. Now click menu>settings.
  • A settings page will open touch “Other settings” and scroll down to “Orientation” and select “Landscape”. If “Fullscreen mode” is unchecked then check it.

2. Audio And Video Settings

  • Now go back and click “Audio & Video settings”. Click “Scaling mode” and select “Stretched”. Then select “Aspect ratio” and choose “16:9”.
  • Now scroll down and select “Max frame skips” and set to “0” and click ok.

    3. Input Settings

    • Now go back and select “Input settings”. Click “Virtual keypad settings”. Uncheck “Vibrate on keypress”.

    • Now select  “Controls size”. Select controls size according to your phone’s screen. For example, if you are using galaxy note 5, galaxy S6 then choose “Large” then click ok. For android phones having only 3-inch touchscreens choose “Medium”.

    • Now tap “Hide controls” and uncheck “Disable A/B  turbo”. If you uncheck this option then you will see the four buttons on screen that is two normal and two turbo buttons.
    • Now tap “D-pad + buttons layout” and choose “Bottom+bottom”.
    • Now click “Layout margin” and select 2 by sliding to left then click ok. You can adjust it according to your phone's screen size.

    4. Load And Save A Game

    At any time while playing the game, you can save it and later load it from where you left it. To save a state in Gameboid tap the menu button and choose 'Save'. Then choose any slot from slot 1-9. You can select 'Quick Save' to automatically load the saved state on startup. When you tap any slot the game will be saved.

    To load a saved state, tap menu button and choose 'Load' and select the state from the list that you saved earlier. The game will load from where you left it.

    5. Enable Cheats

    If you any cheat codes for GBA then you can apply them in Gameboid. Cheat codes help to gain unlimited money, coins and lives. To apply a cheat code in Gameboid. Follow the steps below.

    • Tap the menu button and choose 'Cheats'.
    • Then again tap the menu button and choose 'New cheat'.
    • Now enter a name and the code and tap 'OK'.
    • You can enter this code '83004FEC 03E7' for Sonic advance. It is for unlimited rings.

    Sonic Advance For Android

    You can also play the SonicN game on android. You can download the apk from the link above. But it was only launched in Japan so the settings and instructions are in Japanese. Also the android version of SonicN has only two buttons to play with one joystick. It also runs slow. GBA android emulator is the best way to enjoy Sonic Advance.

    sonicn nokia n-gage apk    
    If you have any queries then feel free to ask and do enjoy the game.

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