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T-Mobile Memorial Day Sale : Get 64 GB Samsung Galaxy S6 at The Price Of a 32 GB Model

This Memorial Day Weekend T-Mobile has a great deal for its users. That is T-Mobile is offering the 64 GB model of Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge at the price of 32 GB base model. So you can get double the storage in your T-Mobile Galaxy S6 at the same price of base model. Under this awesome deal you will save $80 on the 64GB model, making it $679.92 in full retail, or $28.33 a month for 2 years. The deal will be ON on May 23 to May 25.

galaxy s6 t-mobile memorial day sale

But people who already bought the 32 GB model recently are also eligible to buy the 64 GB model. So if your are a new buyer don't miss this opportunity as you can buy the 64 GB model of Galaxy S6 while saving $100 on this great deal.

If your newly bought 32 GB T-Mobile Galaxy S6 is less than 14 days old then you can return it and receive the 64 GB model at no extra cost. Since you’re returning the device within the 14-day period granted by T-Mobile, you shouldn’t face any restocking fees. New buyers of the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge 64GB models can receive an $80 credit from T-Mobile due to the new deal.

Visit T-Mobile Online or a retail store.

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