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When PC Fails to Boot, Try These Methods to Recover Your Data

You no longer have to fret over the issues when your PC fails to boot and causes data inaccessibility, as you can fix whatever issues are there on your own, without using any of the external tools alleging to be the only rescuer. You, with the help of internal system utilities and devotion of a fraction of your precious time, can fix issues causing boot failure. Once you get into your PC successfully, make sure you implement reliable security measures and do go for data backup without failure.

If your PC fails to boot and you need to fix the culprit at the earliest to avoid damages to the data, you do not need to go for external means to get into its hard drive and rescue data. Instead, you can use Windows bootable DVD (for Windows 7 and 8) and do the fixes required.

System Restore Options
In fact, system repairing is the very first step users should begin with in such scenarios. However, if your PC boots, but sticks to a point every time, and then throws errors, this might be due to malware infections. Create a system restore point using repair disc and get the issues resolved.

Screenshot 1: System Recovery Options

As you can see in the screenshot 1, the Command Prompt option is provided at the last, which enables you perform multiple operations, such as drive partitioning with the command DISKPART and scanning as well as repairing disk using the command chkdsk. Therefore, you do not need to fuss over if your PC is not able to boot. Run the command chkdsk and it may fix the issues.
In case you fail to retrieve the data, you may try the alternative, i.e. restore the system partition (i.e. primary partition) and secondary partitions from the backup image you created recently. With this, you restore all the files that have been lost or deleted after creating the backup image.

Note: You cannot restore image after replacing the failing hard drive with a new one.

Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool
Installing Windows with a USB flash drive is faster as compared to that with a bootable DVD. Though Windows does not allow creating bootable flash drive, Microsoft provides free Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool that enables creating a bootable flash drive with Windows’ ISO image or recovery.

Screenshot 2: Windows 7USB/DVD Download Tool

In case you do not have the Windows ISO image file, you can create it free with Windows boot CD/DVD using an ISO creator. Since Windows allows you create a password recovery disk, you need to have different discs for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows because you cannot use single disc on both its versions.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Boot Disc
Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Pro is commercial data recovery software for PCs that comes handy with system startup disc or boot disc. Using this boot disc, you can get into your PC when it fails to boot from the primary volume. In other words, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Boot Disc enables you retrieve all your data that is no longer accessible due to system crash.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

Using this rescue disc, simply boot your system, and then it will run the software and enable you recover data in a way that you follow to recover data on a working system. In events like system crash, boot partition failure, and all such issues causing boot failure on Windows system, this boot disc enables data recovery easily and in a reliable manner.

Using Ubuntu Linux
Linux, as you know, is one of the securest computer operating systems and the most important thing is, it is Free! Ubuntu Linux is preferred amongst various Linux operating systems, as it acquires lesser drive space as well as its other systems requirements are steeper as compared to others, typically Slax. Thus, if you are looking for an OS that is secure, runs faster, and is free of cost, then Ubuntu Linux is a wise pick.

Screenshot 4: Windows drive mounted on Ubuntu

In case the file system or Master Boot Record of your Windows hard drive is corrupt and causing boot failure, you can connect it to your Linux based system and it most likely will be able to read that drive. If it does, recover all your data to an external drive, and then format that drive clean.

Data Recovery Software
Data recovery from the hard drive is not possible with recovery software, in case your PC fails to boot from the primary volume. However, you can go for data recovery using hard disk recovery software if you have multiple hard drives attached to your PC and you occasionally boot form the other one. For this, simply install and run the recovery software on the second drive and select the earlier one for data recovery.

While recovering data from the Windows hard drive, make sure that you do not save it on the same drive, as it overwrites the drive space and minimizes the odds for efficient recovery. Moreover, do ensure for reliability of the recovery software; better will be if you prefer using an authorized data recovery tool. You can surf the Internet and find such a tool. If you fail to do so, use recommended recovery tools. Consult the experts for the right help and for productive results of recovery.

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Frank is an avid contributor and tech blogger, who has written over hundreds of useful posts that helped user in recovering their useful data. 

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