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“ has stopped” In Sony Xperia M : How To Fix

Sony Xperia M is an android smartphone running on android 4.2 jellybean with a great specification of hardware including the dual core krait processor and adreno 203 graphics. In this tutorial I will teach you how to fix a problem on Sony xperia M which is known as 'unfortunately the process has stopped'. The is a system app which is used to make and receive calls on Sony Xperia M. This process keeps on stopping while you receive calls, whether it is a local call or an international call on your Xperia M. This tutorial applies to all versions of Sony Xperia M including C2004 (Xperia M Dual), C1904, C1905, C2005. has stopped

Well this is not a serious problem. The process stops when you receive calls on your Sony Xperia M because the app cache is full, because of low internal storage of Xperia M which is just 2 GB. You need to clear this app cache to prevent the phone app from stopping again while you receive local or international calls on your Xperia M. App cache is temporary data which should be cleared to make room for new data needed by the android app, if however app can’t store new data then it will take reference from the older data and gets stopped due to app data mismatch. So I tell you how to resolve this problem on your Sony Xperia M without any problem.

Fix has stopped On Sony Xperia M

  • Go to ‘Settings>Device>Apps’.

  • You will see apps that are currently running on your Xperia M.
  • Slide the screen towards left to access the ‘Running’ tab.

  • Here find an app whose name is ‘Phone’.
  • Tap on this phone app.
  • Now tap ‘Clear data’, then click ‘Clear cache’.
  • Now the process will not stop again when you receive voice calls. If you often get this error that timely clear app cache and data.

Clear Cache Of All Apps At Once In Xperia M

  • Go into Settings>Device.
  • Tap on Storage.
  • Tap on ‘Cached Data’.
  • A popup will open asking you if you want to clear cached data for all apps. Tap on ‘OK’.

clear cache sony xperia

Now you have successfully resolved the error has stopped on Sony Xperia M. Now check this post.

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