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How To update All Android Apps At Once In Google Play Store

How To update All Android Apps At Once In Google Play StoreGoogle Play store is an android apps store where you can buy or download android apps. Android apps can be downloaded directly to your phone. But when you download many apps from Google play store then they may require frequent updates. However most apps won’t require frequent updates. But apps which are of heavy use like Facebook android app require frequent updates. So if you have installed apps like Facebook which require frequent updates then updating them one by one is very cumbersome and slow.

But don’t worry you can update all android apps at once in Google play store without using another app. It is a built-in feature of the play store android app which allows us to update all android apps installed on your phone at once.

Update All Android Apps At Once In Google Play Store

  • Open Google play store app on android. Let it load for few seconds.
  • Now tap the hamburger menu on top left corner. It is like three vertical lines. From this menu tap 'My apps & games'.

  • When you tap “My apps & games” it will show all the apps installed requiring updates on your android phone.
  • You have to tap “UPDATE ALL”. After tapping this button all of the android apps will start updating one by one. You just have to sit and relax during this time.
Update All Android Apps At Once In Google Play Store
  • When you click update all of your apps will start updating at once.So you don’t have to update them one by one.
  • When one app finishes updating then another app will automatically start updating.
  • It will take some time if you have lots of apps installed on your android phone.

Now you can easily update android apps at once in google play store.Share this article if you like it.

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  1. Although I've yet to try above instructions it ( appears 2b the most helpful of all previous responses rec'vd from my google searches. I'm very familiar with steps 6-9. Thanks a zil. Happy New Year. MAY GOD bless u all.