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How To Use USB 2.0 SD Card Reader At Highspeed

A card reader is device which is used to read memory cards of almost any type,shape and sizes.card reader comes in many shapes and sizes.It is used for highspeed transfer of files from sd card to hard disk and vice versa.USB 2.0 Highspeed transfer can give you speeds upto 50 MB/s therefore copying and moving the data within few seconds.This post will let you know how to enable highspeed file transfer on any USB 2.0 compatible card reader.

USB 2.0 all in one card reader

Before doing this you will need following things
  • A USB 2.0 card reader with data cable.
  • A memory sd card that can be used with the card reader.Prefer a micro sd card.
  • 3ome large files to transfer.
After getting all the stuff proceed as follows.
  1. Insert the micro sd card in the USB 2.0 card reader and plug in the data cable.
  2. Now attach it to your windows pc’s usb port.
  3. When you connect it you will see a notification saying “This device can perform faster” in the task bar system tray.Click that notification before it goes off.
  4. USB 2.0 Windows 7

  5. If you don’t see any notification then disconnect the data cable from pc and reconnect it.Repeat this process until you see the notification.
  6. Now after you clicked that notification a dialog box will appear with a list of usb port.
  7. USB root hub

  8. Now disconnect the card reader from your pc and click “USB Root Hub (X ports)” written in bold in that dialog box and do not close it.X represents the number of usb ports on your pc.
  9. Reconnect the card reader to your windows pc’s usb port.This time the notification may appear if you close the dialog box.Ignore it this time.
  10. Now copy some large files to your phone’s sd card.You will see speeds upto 50 MB/s which will later reduce to 30 MB/s but is also good.

usb speeds 50mbps

Note :If you copy files using usb 2.0 card without following the above procedure then you will only get speed of 980 KB/s to 1 MB/s which is nothing and it will take hours to copy a file having size of 5 GB.But if you try the usb 2.0 highspeed file transfer trick then your file will be copied or moved within few minutes having size of more than 5 GB.

This trick may not work if your pc's usb ports are set to "Fullspeed" in bios settings.Check the usb settings in bios and set it to "Highspeed" then save the bios settings and exit.

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