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Front Panel Audio Connector Not Working In Windows 7,Windows Xp,Windows 8

Many of us has seen that front panel audio connector doesn’t work in windows xp,and windows 7.Well this is not a hardware failure but is due to incorrect settings in the bios setup.Most motherboards today support HD audio.This HD audio has an integrated onboard chip but front panel audio connector may or may not support it.

However every motherboard can support the AC’97 audio codec standard,so if your front panel audio connector is not working with HD audio codec then you should set the audio codec to AC’97 in bios setup.However if you need to download the audio driver then you should download the driver package for windows 7 or windows xp.In this problem I will be fixing the problem for ASUS P5KPL-VM/S.

There are two steps for solving the problem for this motherboard.The first one is the front panel audio connector never worked since you purchased it and it previously worked before upgrading to windows 7.If the connector never worked then check the connections in the motherboard.Make the connections to the front panel audio as follows.

WARNING : Probably the problem is of bios so before altering the connections please check the bios setup below to avoid damages.

front panel audio connections

Now the second one when the audio connector previously worked before upgrading to windows 7.If this is the case with you then you have to change the bios settings as follows.
  • Go to bios setup by pressing delete until you see blue bios screen.
  • Then select “advanced” tab then select chipset settings.Then select “south bridge configuration”.When you select it you will see a screen like this.
Bios Setting front panel
  • Just change the option from HD audio to AC’97 and you are done.
  • Press F10 and save your settings and exit.
Now start the system and check the speaker properties by clicking the volume icon then clicking the speaker icon.It will open speaker properties and you will see an image like this.If both connectors are visible then its okay the front panel audio connector will now work.The below screenshot is of windows 7.

Front panel audio connector problem solved

Now the front panel audio connectore problem has been fixed for windows 7,windows xp and windows 8.You can use both these ports at the same time.For more functionality of the audio driver download the audio driver from the official website.

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