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Wifikill For Android:Remove Other Devices From Wifi Network

Its fun to access wifi networks on your android because you don't need to pay anything for using it.Many organizations,companies,coffee shops,hotels offer free wifi services.The word 'free' wifi indicates here hat more and more people are eager to connect with this wifi because it is free and they have to pay nothing for it.So,these wifi networks are kept overloaded most of the time which results in low bandwidth and low data transfer among individual devices.


Every android phone needs a unique address to connect with wifi network.Problems arises when two devices try to connect via same ip addresses,which creates conflicts between devices and connection is dropped.If you are an android user you can kick off other devices on wifi networks to increase the banwidth for your phone's network.For this purpose you can use wifikill.Wifikill is an android app that kicks out other devices on wifi networks and you get increased bandwidth for your android.You can sumply remove other devices from wifi.

You can download this app by clicking the link below.



But remember this app will only run on rooted android os.If you have a newly owned android then you can't run this app unless you root it.Rooting voids warranty of your android.If your android is out of warranty and you want to root your android phone then click the link below to know how to root your phone.

Root Android

Now after successful rooting install this app on your phone.Now run the application.When you first run this application,it will search all the devices connected to the free wifi network,now you can easily kick off individual devices.Also you can kick off all the devices connected to it.The interesting thing about this app is that the users whom you have kicked off will never know that you have kicked them off the network,they will see everything alright on their phone and will think that wifi has a problem.

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  1. Its gone, waited months to be able to root my phone, and just now that i accomplish it this app is gone. its not in the market anymore. i dont see why i rooted my phone now, unless theirs another place i can download this from?