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Weddar:The Weather App Is Now Available For Android

Weddar weather app was previously available for iphone is now available for android devices and tablets.This app is free to download from android market.Weddar is a crowd sourced location based weather app run by the persons who use it.Unlike other weather apps weddar represents real time weather instead of numerical data such as "London,84 degF,95% humidity",weddar app will show like this "sunny weather,but a little windy."

images from Android Market

Weddar allows you to get and give weather report.Using weddar you can describe your area's weather by choosing color codes for clouds which nearly or actually describes the weather in your area.By selecting appropriate cloud you can tell others about your area's weather.When you give such reports then you earn points.Also you can check the weather of other areas by simply searching.If there is no data available for a particular area then you can request weddar to provide you report.When someone in that area gives the report then you will be notified by weddar about that area's climate.You can check statistics of your reports that you have provided to weddar.Also you can check profiles of persons who provided report for an area which you are searching.The users who use this app are all connected via reporting.This is an app which uses users' views about the weather to create a report.You can share these results on twitter and facebook.Users are real time weather monitors.You can download it here.

Now keep reporting and sharing your weather information.

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