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How To Increase Android Phone's Battery Life

This post will tell android users that how to increase it's battery life.Smart phones like android has high power consumption due to a wide variety of applications,hence they have shorte battery life.Increasing battery life in android is found to be difficult by many android users,because most of them are new to use android.Most users want attaractive display of various icons,for which they use high memory themes which may slow down the phone and also sucks the battery.Also various phone resources are always on whether they are in use or not in use and they waste battery life.We can save battery life of our android phone by manually disabling these resources which are not in use such as wifi,3G,bluetooth,phone sync.Disabling these will save your android battery.

juice defender

However if you do not want to do this manually then you can use juice defender.Juice defender is an android application which can extend your android's battery life by managing most power consuming components such as 3G,wifi.Juice defender is fully customizable and you can setup everything according to your needs.After complete configuration juice defender runs own its own and improves your android phone's battery life automatically.It keeps power consumption under control by disabling power draining components when battery runs low.

Juice Defender Features :-

1.cpu scaling when idle.
2.two homescreen widgets with easy UI.
3.2G/3G toggle automation.
4.wifi toggle automation.
5.battery optimization
6.five preset profiles

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