How To Play SWF Files On Android

SWF stands for Small Web Format which is an Adobe Flash File Format used for multimedia, vector graphics like interactive animations and games. It is derived from Shockwave Flash. SWF files can only be played in a flash compatible web browser. An SWF file has a .swf extension. Flash games are very popular as they can be directly played in the web browser. But android doesn't have a direct support to play SWF files. But in this tutorial, I am going to teach you how you can do this.

Downloads Required

How To Play SWF And Flash Files On Android

  • Download and install adobe flash player and Mozilla firefox for android from above links.
  • Also, download the SWF file example. You can download your favorite ones from the internet, just search in google for flash files and games.
  • Place this SWF directly in the internal storage of your phone or external storage.
  • Now open Mozilla firefox and enter any one of these addresses according to the location where you stored the file in the search bar.
Internal Storage : file:///storage/emulated/0/xiao3.swf
External SDcard : file://

  • Enter the above address and hit "Go" on your phone's keyboard. The file will start playing

play swf files on android

Video Tutorial

You have successfully learnt to play SWF and flash files on android.

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  1. Replies
    1. Mine is 5.1 and no keyboard is appearing

    2. How is this possible in firefox? When you tap the address bar to search something the keyboard opens automatically.

  2. Hi dear ADMIN.
    some games are a bit slow when i play it!!!
    is there a way to control the speed of this type of games??

    1. Speed depends on the phone. You can try UC browser 10. Also, you can try SWF player apps from Google Play.

  3. Too bad this hot mess doesn't work. I've been trying to play The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb for two weeks now and haven't had one shred of success.

    1. Let us try this. We will post the tutorial again.

  4. Why can't I drag anything when I play games?

    1. Because these games are not touch compatible. Try playing with a mouse or keyboard.

  5. hm. downloaded the latest flash for android, got firefox, got the .swf i'm trying to play in /storage/emulated/0/, but no dice. nothing loads in-browser.

    1. File address should be like this.

      Here file_name is the name of the swf file. Emulated/0/ means internal storage. If your files is in external sdcard and you are using the above address then it will not work.


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