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Opera Max For Android: Free Mobile Data Management And VPN App

Opera Max for android is a free mobile data management and VPN app that shrinks text, images and videos on almost any app on mobile data connections, as well as Wi-Fi. This app lets you save your mobile and Wi-Fi data up to 50%. Opera Max also provides free VPN for android, read more about VPN. When you connect to the internet via Opera Max VPN then the servers at Opera compress the data that you send and receive on your android, be it a video, image or text. The Opera Max VPN lets you access pages faster because it compresses the data so that your android phone will have to download fewer data at a faster rate.

opera max

You can permanently block apps that waste your precious Mobile data in the background, by giving the complete control of your mobile data to this app. There are many apps on Play Store that claims to save data but they do not. Opera has developed some useful android apps that are saving our mobile and Wi-Fi data since a decade, remember the Opera Mini browser. One thing I like about Opera Max that it saves our phone’s mobile data and provides a free VPN too. I have tried Avast SecureLine VPN for android, that is good but is not free.

How To Use Opera Max On Android

  • Download and install the app from this link.
  • Take the quick introduction ad move to the ‘Mobile usage’.
  • Here you will see mobile data usage and saved data.
  • Tap the ‘Menu’ icon on top left and enable ‘Wi-Fi usage’ too.

opera max on android

  • If you to block an app so that it can’t use your android phone’s internet or Wi-Fi, then go to ‘Menu>Blocked apps’.

blocked apps

  • Slide up or down the list of apps on the left panel and touch any app that you want to block.
  • After blocking the app will not be able to use any mobile data.
  • Remember to block the same app on Wi-Fi as well. Tap the Wi-Fi tab in the ‘Blocked apps’ section and repeat the same procedure above.
  • To unblock the app, just touch the blocked app.
  • To block all apps at once tap the ‘Three vertical dots’ on top right and tap ‘Block all’. Repeat the same procedure to ublock all apps at once.
  • To view app with high data savings, go to ‘Menu>Settings>Help>Apps with high savings’.

If You Can’t See Any Data Savings

Opera Max saves data on text, images, and videos transferred over normal web connections. Opera Max can't compress binary or encrypted data, for example, app installation or updates through Google Play or traffic on your bank or email applications. But, if you use other apps like WhatsApp, Instagram or NetFlix, you’ll start to see savings.

Apps That Use Encrypted Data

Opera Max doesn’t compress internet traffic from apps that use encrypted data like the Facebook app, YouTube app, Data Saver mode in chrome and HTTPS connections.

Why Use Opera Max On Android

Opera Software is known to save mobile and Wi-Fi data on any phone including the android, windows phone, iOS and basic Java phones through the Opera Mini. Now Opera Max is the ultimate app to save data, block apps that consume data and provides a free VPN for android. Unrooted android phone’s with a lot of bloatware wastes too much data in the background, with Opera Max you can block all bloatware apps and save your mobile data and Wi-Fi data. The VPN is by default active and you can see a key in the notifications bar.

Free vs Paid VPN

Opera Max is a free VPN service so you don't have any control over it. You can't select the VPN server of your choice there by you can't access geo-locked content for a specific country. Like you can't watch American NetFlix from Australia or Canada. For this you will need a paid VPN service that will give you more location to connect. Paid VPNs also provide unlimited data transfer and 5 simultaneous connections from multiple devices including your iPhone, android, PC, MAC computer or a gaming console like PlayStation 4 or XBOX One. You can read some of our paid VPN reviews below.

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