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How To Use Download Booster In Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 includes a new feature known as Download Booster. With Download Booster we can download large files quickly. Galaxy S5 Download Booster combines Wi-Fi and LTE networks to form a fast virtual network in which the Wi-Fi and LTE works simultaneously. Simply speaking it combines the download speeds of both networks to use as a single data network. It is not a new technology and is based on multi-homed computer systems, but still you can still enjoy massive download speeds if your carrier allows it. Sprint and T-Mobile users may avail this benefit in near future.The Download Booster only works with LTE networks and there are no excuses. It is only for downloading large files. We can’t stream live videos, watch YouTube videos through it.

How To Enable Download Booster On Galaxy S5

  • First make sure that you have enabled the Wi-Fi and LTE networks on your Galaxy S5.
  • Now on the Apps screen, tap “Settings>Download booster”, and then drag the Download Booster switch to the right. Alternatively, open the quick setting panel and tap Download booster to activate it.
samsung galaxy s5 download booster

Important Notes

  • You may incur additional charges while downloading files from mobile network.
  • Downloads will automatically turn off if the phone heats up beyond a specified temperature point.
  • If out of two networks one is extremely slow then only the fastest network will be used.
  • Download Booster only supports HTTP 1.1 and can not be used with HTTPS and FTP protocols.
  • It doesn’t work 3G or 2G networks.
  • If you are not active on an unlimited LTE data plan then do not use this.

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