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Lock Android Apps With Avast Antivirus For Android

Avast antivirus is the best antivirus for android. Avast for android is greatly influenced by the desktop version of avast antivirus as we find similar features in the mobile app. It provides great features like virus scanner, web page scanner, task killer and includes various security shields like app shield, web shield, message shield, file shield and firewall (requires root). So it is the best free antivirus app for android.

Recently avast antivirus for android is updated to new version which includes a new feature known as 'Application Locking' which is used to lock android apps on your phone or tablet. The good thing is that if you are using avast on your android smartphone then you don't need to download another application locking app. But in free version you can lock only two android apps. You can upgrade to premium features at very low price and can unlock unlimited apps. In this tutorial I will teach you how you can lock android apps with avast antivirus for android.

Lock Android Apps With Avast Antivirus For Android

1.Download and install avast antivirus here.
2.Open avast antivirus app and click the lock icon and click 'SETTINGS' on top right corner.

3.Now click 'Enable'. A popup will open which will ask you to enter a pin for application unlocking. This pin will be used to unlock locked android apps.
4.There are 2 more types of unlock options along with avast pin. One is gesture password and other is text password.
5.To set up gesture password (pattern lock) click 'Password type' and choose 'gesture password'.
6.Now draw your desired unlock pattern and click OK.

gesture password

7.To change password type to text password again click 'Password type' and choose 'text password' and enter your desired unlock password.
8.Now you have successfully set up an unlock password and you are ready to lock android apps with avast antivirus.
9.Click the lock icon again and put check marks on apps which you want to lock.
10.You can only lock 2 android apps in the free version. To lock more apps buy the premium version of avast.

Time Based Application Locking

In time based application locking you can choose the days and time range in which your android apps will be automatically locked and unlocked. To enable time based application locking follow the steps below.

1.Click the lock icon and click 'SETTINGS' on top right corner.

2.Put a check mark in 'Time range' and enter your password, whether it is gesture or avast pin.
3.Enter your time range in From and To and touch 'Sa' and 'Su' in days list below.
4.On all days between time range your android apps will be automatically locked. Rest of the time they will remain unlocked.

app locked by avast antivirus

Advantages Of Avast App Locker

1.No need to purchase or install other locking app.
2.Offer time and day based application locking.
3.If you buy the premium version then you will get antivirus and this feature with unlimited application locking.

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  1. Real basic question. What is the point of locking an app?

    1. Simple, if you are giving your phone to someone and don't want him/her to see your personal data in whatsapp or photos then you can lock it. But make sure to lock the settings app.