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6 Tips To Secure Data On Cloud Storage

6 Tips To Secure Data On Cloud Storage Cloud Storage is getting popular day by day in this digital world.Storing your important data on cloud is a promise to yourself that it is safe from hostiles and malware attacks.Cloud storage servers are better at defending themselves against hackers,phishing and malware attacks than your standalone computer.

cloud storage

The reason behind cloud storage popularity lies in security,global availability,large storage and integrity.Cloud storage is more secure to store your data but it is not as safe to store confidential,top secret or sensitive data as it may leak out,no matter how tight is the security.So you should be aware of what type of data you are storing on cloud.

  • Security : Cloud storage servers are more reliable and secure than our home based personal computers.They fight with more viruses and malwares than our personal computers,and they are very well at defending their storage against such attacks.
  • Global Availability : You can access the data stored on cloud globally that you can't do with your pc without syncing it with other devices like your own smartphone.But cloud server runs all the time so you can access your data anywhere and anytime and in any country.
  • Data Integrity : The cloud storage ensures data integrity which means that it doesn't allow external changes to your personal data stored on the cloud.
  • Large Storage : Today most cloud storage providers provide us a large storage space upto 15 GB.Consider google drive which is providing the same.This much of storage is enough to store your personal data.
Some popular cloud storage providers are google drive,dropbox,box,microsoft skydrive and apple's icloud.

6 Tips To Secure Your Data On Cloud Storage 

1.Choose Your Passwords Wisely : Don't choose passwords that can be easily guessed by your enemies.Choose a very strong password that is almost un-hackable.A strong password leads to tight security on cloud.Never reuse your old passwords.

2.Use 2-Factor Authentication : Almost every cloud storage vendor is providing 2-factor authentication or 2-step verification.You should enable this security feature on your cloud server's account.You can check tutorial for enabling 2-factor authentication on google drive account here and microsoft skydrive account here.

3.Encrypt You Data : Before storing your personal data to cloud you should encrypt it.Data encryption will lead to stronger security as the encrypted data can't be read without decryption.There are many software available to encrypt any kind of digital data.These software encrypt the digital data into binary coded files which are of no use to others who can't decrypt it.But make sure you can decrypt it later.

4.Create Password Protected Zip Files : After encrypting the data you can make a password protected zip file for different encrypted files.Also you can split a single file into multiple zip files and store the different parts on different cloud servers.Fo example if you have file of around 500 MB then you can create multiple password protected zips of this file and store on different cloud servers.If you do this then nobody can hack your personal data because they never know where you stored other zips.However if they manage to get few zips of the same file then they will not be able to extract it due to missing parts.

5.Timely Backup Data From Cloud : Natural calamities,massive server crash always be a problem to the human made cloud storage servers and interfere in their operation that may result in loss of data,but it may hardly happen because your data is stored in multiple copies to avoid data loss.But it is also a good decision to backup data from cloud from time to time.

6.What Type Of Data To Store On Cloud : You should decide what type of data should be stored on cloud storage.Data that is not of use to others should be stored and the data that contains your personal information,passwords or anything sensitive or top secret data should be avoided at any cost.Also do not share your personal data with anyone on cloud and do not create links to your personal folders.Change the visibility of your data to yourself only.

These were the six tips to secure your personal data on cloud.Hope you liked them.If you liked the article then take 2 minutes to share it.

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