Dec 24, 2016

Amazing Video Shows The Working Of Laser Beam Auto Focus On Moto G4 Plus

Moto G4 Plus is the year's most popular android phone. The fourth generation of Moto G equips a laser auto focus module. This laser auto focus module helps the camera to focus the objects really fast to capture images with just one tap on the screen. But actually the laser coming from the camera is not visible to a human eye. This is invisible laser that operates outside the 400nm-700nm walelength range.

But during filming the camera of Moto G4 Plus through another phone we found that the laser module keeps blinking all the time. And whenever the camera app gets activated then the laser auto focus module starts throwing a laser beam to detect the object which is to be captured by the camera. Whenever this beam hits the object it returns back to the laser module and guides the camera to instantly capture the image.

Through this laser module the camera makes calculations about object distance which helps in quick focus and capturing images and videos.

Video Showing the Working of Laser Focus on Moto G4 Plus

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