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Win 500 Rupees As Amazon Pay Balance: Check Contest Details

We are glad to announce a contest in which we are giving away a 500 Rupees Amazon Pay Gift Card. So if you are interested to win then read the details carefully.

win 500 rupees as amazon pay balance

Win 500 Rupees As Amazon Pay Balance

➜ Eligibility Criteria:

1. You should be a resident of India and above 18 years of age.
2. You should have already followed our blog on social networks.
3. You have already subscribed to our blog's newsletter.
4. You have already followed us on YouTube.

➜ Details Of The Contest And How To Enter

The contest will run from 12th Feb 2018 to 12th March 2018.
First of all, you have to fulfill the eligibility criteria as stated above.

To be eligible to enter the contest you have to complete following tasks.

1. Share our blog in your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus.
2. Share our blog with your WhatsApp contacts.
3. Share our blog's top posts in your social networks including WhatsApp.
4. Share and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

➜ Disclaimer

At any time we reserve the right to withdraw this contest.

➜ Here's How You Can Do It

1. Share the following link in your social networks.

2. Share this link in your social networks including WhatsApp.
3. Share the following high-quality posts in your social networks including WhatsApp.

Note: You just have to copy and share the entire links without modifying. The following links contain tracking code to prevent spammers from winning the prize.

➜ Get us at least 5 YouTube Subscribers for our channel

Important: After you shared the links and fulfilled the contest criteria please send an email to with screenshots showing the details where you shared the links. This email will confirm your entrance to the contest.

➜ Prize Drawing

The Winner will be announced on 14th March 2018. We may use a software to randomize the list of contest entrants to pick a winner randomly. If not then we will pick the winner with the maximum number of shares. The winner will receive an Amazon Pay Gift Card worth Rupees 500. The contest winner's name will be shared in our social networks.

Share, like, or comment if you are entering this contest.

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