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Google Prompt: New Two-Step Verification Option Added To Google Account

If you use 2-step verification for Google accounts then you are already familiar with it. The 2-step verification is a second layer of security that applies to your account. In 2-step verification we need to verify our account ownership by entering a 6 digit code that Google sends you on your registered phone number. Apart from a phone number one can get these codes either from authenticator app, SMS/Voice call, printed codes or using a security key (FIDO certified). Now Google has recently added a new option known as 'Prompt' to its 2-step verification.

What Is Google Prompt?

It is a new option added to Google's 2-factor authentication. Now instead of getting codes on your phone or using the authenticator app, you can unlock your Gmail account with your phone. This process is pretty fast as you don't have to wait for codes or search your existing printed codes. For using the Google Prompt you have to add a Gmail account to your android phone. If you have multiple accounts then you can add all of them to your phone. Unlike other 2-step verification options the Prompt will only work when an android or an iOS device has the required account.

How To Setup Google Prompt

  • First of all update the Google app on your android phone to the latest version.
  • Now add the required Google account to your phone.
  • Now on a desktop PC go to "".
  • Login with the account that you added previously.
  • Here under 'Sign-in & security' click 'Signing in to Google'.
  • Then click "2-step Verification" on the right side. Then login again.

  • Now you will be seeing all the security options.
  • Scroll down and find "Google Prompt".
  • Click "ADD PHONE".

  • Make sure your phone is connected to network and has a screen lock.
  • Your phone will be visible like this when you click "ADD PHONE".

    google prompt
  • Click "NEXT" a popup will appear on your phone. Tap "YES" to verify adding the phone.
  • Finally click "Done".

  • Now whenever you login to your account a popup will open on your phone asking you to unlock your account.
  • This option will be set as default. However you can switch to other options anytime during a login.
  • If you don't want to use it then you can delete this option in the 2-step verification by clicking the 'delete' icon in front of the 'Prompt' option.

Advantages Of Google Prompt

  • No need to receive codes by SMS or voice call.
  • Unlocks the account quickly.
  • It is more secure 2nd factor authentication option than SMS codes since it doesn't require codes.

If you have any questions then feel free to ask via comments.

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