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How To Convert Any Smartphone Camera Into Digital Microscope With A CD/DVD Lens(DIY)

A microscope is such a device used to magnify very tiny objects that we can’t see through our eyes. It uses two set of convex lenses to magnify objects. Would you believe if I tell you that you can use your smartphone’s camera as a digital microscope by using a DVD lens pickup which is basically a tiny convex lens. This is a DIY tutorial and you can use your smartphone’s camera to directly capture magnified photos and view them on the phone’s screen.

With this tutorial you can convert your smartphone be it iPhone, android or Windows phone into a digital microscope and explore tiny objects that we can’t see. But don’t expect magnification to level of onion peel cells as the DVD lens doesn’t have that much of magnification power.


  • Any smartphone (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone etc.) with at least 5 MP camera having LED flash.
  • A CD/DVD lens pickup. You can get it from your non-working DVD/CD player. I got it from my non-working desktop DVD-RAM drive.
  • Transparent double sided tape.

  dvd lens

How To Convert Any Smartphone Camera Into Digital Microscope With A CD/DVD Lens(DIY)

  • The tutorial is just simple. You have to fix this DVD lens on the camera of your smartphone.
  • I used double side tape to attach the lens to the camera.
  • Don’t use any type of glue on the camera lens, as it will ruin the camera lens.
  • Make sure that the DVD lens should be fixed exactly in the middle of the Camera lens so that it can focus images.
  • You can make adjustments by looking at the screen and analyzing images to find which position suits the best.
  • Now you are all set to use your smartphone as a digital microscope.
  • Now launch the camera app and start taking microscopic photos on your iPhone, android or even Windows Phone.
  • Use the camera flash as torch while taking microscopic photos.

Microscopic Photos Taken Via a 5 MP Android Phone

Click on any image to view full size.

magnified led tv panel
LED TV Panel

microscopic photo by android camera
Surface Of A Leaf

microscopic camera photos android
Normal Piece Of Cloth

iphone microscope photos
Human Hair

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