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Apple's First Android App Name Is 'Move To iOS'

WWDC 2015 Apple Inc. released the developer preview of its latest flagship iPhone OS, iOS 9. iOS 9 is the most prominent iOS version as it includes the new features like the artificially intelligent 'Proactive Assistant', Multitasking & split view for iPads to improve productivity and much better battery life. You can read about more features here.

move to ios

With launch of iOS 9 Apple confirmed that it will be developing its first android app named 'Move To iOS' which is a migration tool that will help you switch from android to iOS. Just download the Move to iOS app to wirelessly switch from your Android device to your new iOS device. It securely transfers your contacts, message history, camera photos and videos, web bookmarks, mail accounts, calendars, wallpaper, and DRM-free songs and books. And it will help you rebuild your app library, too. Any free apps you used like Facebook and Twitter are suggested for download from the App Store. And your paid apps are added to your iTunes Wish List.

So, 'Move To iOS' is the Apple's first android app and Apple hasn't developed any app for android previously. So this also proves that how amazing the iOS 9 will going to be and Apple Inc is sure enough that any Nexus user may change his/her mind after using the iOS 9 and may switch to an iPhone or an iPad. For this Apple has provided the 'Move To iOS' app for android which will be available in the play store with the official release of iOS9.

After switching to iOS 9 you can recycle your android phone for free at any Apple store says 'Apple'.

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