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Sony Xperia M Dual Vs Galaxy S Duos 2 S7582

Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 S7582 is an android 4.2 jellybean smart phone recently launched by Samsung to compete other android phone brands at a price of around $172. This android smart phone is the upgraded version of the galaxy s duos which has a laggy performance as experienced by its users. Galaxy S Duos features slight updates like a 1.2 GHz dual core processor and android 4.2 jellybean but the rest the things are same.
In this post I will compare Galaxy S Duos 2 with Sony Xperia M Dual which also runs on android 4.2 jellybean and will tell you which android smart phone will have good performance over the other.

Sony Xperia M Dual Vs Galaxy S Duos 2 S7582

sony xperia m vs galaxy s duos 2 s7582

1. CPU : Sony xperia m dual has 1 GHz dual core snapdragon krait processor which is better than galaxy s duos 2 s7582 processor which is 1.2 GHz dual core A9 application processor. The Sony xperia m dual has a CPU score of 6771 in quadrant benchmark while the galaxy s duos 2 has scored only 5667 which is less than Sony xperia M. Other benchmark data is given below for the CPU only of both smart phones.

Benchmarking App
Sony Xperia M Dual
Galaxy S Duos 2
NenaMark 2
Multitouch Test
5 points of touch are supported
2 points of touch are supported

Sony Xperia M Dual wins in case of cpu performance, which means that we can easily multitask on xperia M dual without feeling any lags and glitches. Also Xperia M supports finger touches while Galaxy S duos 2 only supports 2 finger touches.

2. GPU : Sony Xperia M Dual has Adreno 305 graphics which is better than Galaxy S Duos 2’s Broadcom Videocore IV graphics. Sony Xperia M Dual is playstation certified Sony smart phone so you can enjoy playstation android games on your xperia M while Galaxy S duos 2 has no such certification. The GPU of galaxy s duos 2 will perform slightly better than its previous version but you may encounter several lags and glitches while gaming if you install many apps on galaxy s duos. While gaming is smooth on Xperia M Dual.
The Xperia M Dual has a gpu score of 4981 in AnTuTu benchmark while Galaxy S Duos 2 only scores 4644. So xperia M is a winner in case of gpu comparison.

3. RAM : Sony xperia M has 1 GB RAM while Galaxy S Duos 2 has only 768 MB of RAM. So it is clearly visible that xperia M dual has more RAM than galaxy s duos 2. So xperia m dual can do multitasking easily as compared to galaxy s duos 2. Having a 1 GB RAM is also good for gaming as playing any game will not give you lags. Games like dead trigger, nfs most wanted, temple run 2, subway surfers will run smoothly on Sony xperia M dual while these games have a low performance on Samsung’s galaxy s duos 2 as compared with Xperia M dual. Also galaxy s duos 2 identifies only 2 finger touches which is sometimes less to play games which require at least 3 simultaneous touches. On the other hand Sony xperia M identifies 5 finger touches which is enough to play any android game.

4. Screen : Sony xperia M has better screen display with a ppi density of 245 pixels per inch, but it is missing the bravia engine, otherwise it will outstanding in screen display. While galaxy s duos has only 233 ppi density which is low as compared with xperia M. More ppi density means more crisp and clear screen display. Viewing angles of Xperia M dual are great and in sunlight we can easily see the screen while galaxy s duos 2 screen will turn into a mirror in sunlight and we can’t see anything unless the brightness is increased.

Galaxy S Duos 2 has no light sensor while xperia M dual have it. A light sensor automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness according to the light falling on the sensor. So xperia M dual will automatically adjust its screen brightness in sunlight due to its light sensor, while on galaxy s duos 2 you have to manually set the brightness.

5. Notification Light : Sony xperia M dual has notification light which will give illuminated alerts when any notification appears on your phone. Galaxy s duos 2 is missing this feature and almost no Samsung phone has this feature in this price range ($174). If you don’t hear the notification sound then you can see the notification light on Xperia M dual and never miss your important notifications.

6. NFC : NFC or android beam is a premium feature which can be seen in phones like Galaxy S3. With NFC you can share data very fast by placing two NFC enabled phones back to back. Sony is giving this feature in Xperia M dual at a low price. No other android smart phone have this feature in this price group ($209). Galaxy S Duos 2 also missing this feature.

7. Battery : Sony xperia M has 1750mAh battery with stamina mode while galaxy s duos 2 has only 1500mAh battery with no such mode. Stamina mode can help to reduce battery drain by closing connectivity features when phone is idle. So xperia M dual has a good battery backup than galaxy s duos 2.

8. Dual Band WiFi : Xperia M dual has dual band WiFi (a/b/g/n) which means it can work with 2 wifi frequencies while galaxy s duos 2 has only single band wifi (b/g/n) and can only work with single wifi frequency.

Verdict : According to the above comparison Sony Xperia M Dual comes out to be a winner. The previous version Galaxy S Duos has a very bad performance, it hangs a lot as experienced by its users. You can check the problems faced by S duos users in comments sections on this post. So if you previously had Galaxy S Duos then you definitely don’t want to buy Galaxy S Duos 2 with slight upgrades just to lure you and make you fool. Only the price is a issue for most smart phone owners, Sony Xperia M dual is Rupees 2000 more expensive than Galaxy S duos 2. If you do not have the price issue then opt for Sony Xperia M dual with good specifications and great performance.

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  1. Sir,
    Thankyou for your suggestion. But pls tel me that sony xperia m dual have wi fi direct or not? Pls reply at my email id

    1. Yes xperia m dual has wi-fi direct and is DLNA certified.

  2. I need an android phone just for, whatsapp, bbm, facebook, gmail downloading torrents on the go and must have good GPS obviously with google maps and it seems S duos 2 is having GPS (31 Sat) and Glonass (24 sat) thus providing a better navigation, but may not be present in the xperia M. Can you please specify me the battery life on using GPS on S duos 2. And will buying s duos 2 for these specific apps and some internet usage be fruitful? Cz I'm an iPad user (wifi only so no dedicatd GPS) and so I don't need much apps for my phone.

    1. After reading your requirements I would suggest you to buy sony xperia M dual because it has everything that you mentioned in your question above except the GLONASS.

      Well a-GPS support is also very good for gps navigation purposes. My phone doesn't have GLONASS but I always use gps navigation via GMAPS and the navigation is very correct. With a-GPS I always reach at right places.

      Now if you use GPS service much whole day on any android phone then battery won't give good results, because you are using GPS and data network at the same time. There is a way to save battery while You are using GPS. Follow the steps.

      1. firstly get full directions on GMAPS.
      2. now after getting the directions I look for straight roads. Suppose if I have to 5 kms straight on a road then during this journey I turn off the gps and data network.
      3. after covering 4 kms I again enable gps and data network and check 'My Location' in Gmaps to check whether I am following the blue line or not.

      This trick saves battery very much.

  3. sony xperia m's camera is not good as samsung s duos 2.Thats the problem.Do you know other alternatives to this phone

    1. Xperia M has good camera. It has HDR function. It takes good photos.