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Remove Browser Hijacker With AdwCleaner

A browser hijacker is a malware that hacks every browser installed on your windows pc. A browser hijacker virus basically sets the default homepage to its own page. Every time you open the browser you will be redirected to that malware's page. You can't remove these browser hijacker viruses and malwares by resetting the browser. A browser hijacker malware can come to your pc through malicious websites and malicious softwares that you download from the internet. The virus code is incorporated in these malicious softwares and when you install these on your pc these malwares and viruses also get installed, thereby hijacking each and every browser installed on your computer.

A browser hijacker automatically sets the browser's homepage to its own and it cannot be changed by the user. These viruses has only one target and that is to get more hits and traffic from users for the customers who paid for these viruses to increase their websites' advertising revenue. So if you find recent changes in your web browser that can't be reversed then your browser is hijacked.

Some Popular Browser Hijacker Malware

  • Conduit Search : Conduit search offers browser toolbars as addons which can be easily installed by the user. It automatically modifies the browser's homepage and may trap you by luring you. It can be easily removed by just uninstalling the addon from the browser.
  • Babylon Toolbar : Babylon toolbar is also a browser hijacker malware that does the same thing as conduit. It can be removed by just removing the toolbar addon.
  • : It is the most dangerous browser hijacking virus that cannot be deleted without a malware removal tool. Its appearance is just like Google's homepage, so most people won't detect it as a virus and will always think that they are using Google. It can steal your secret info and may act as a spyware.
Remove Browser Hijacker
  • If you have found recent changes to your web browser that can't be reversed then you are a victim of these viruses.
  • To remove browser hijacker malware you need to download AdwCleaner for windows.
  • Download AdwCleaner here.
  • Launch the AdwCleaner malware removal tool.
  • Click 'Scan'. It will scan your system for malwares.

  • On complete scan click 'Clean' to remove browser hijacker malware.
  • Restart your computer, now check all your browsers. They should be malware free.

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