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How To Open Multiple Gmail Accounts In Same Browser

How To Open Multiple Gmail Accounts In Same Browser most of the time we work on a same browser on the web.So opening other email account of same server in other browser will be a messy work.However you can still open multiple email ids on same browser.Lets talk about google's gmail.Gmail is an email service provided by google.Gmail also provide you a lot of space about 7GB.When you open a gmail id in one browser then google will not allow you to login as different user on the same browser.You have to change the settings before you can open multiple gmail ids in the same browser.You can do it as follows.

1.log in to your gmail account.If your connection is slow click basic html view to load the page faster. click settings.A page will open now look for google account settings.Click that link and a page will open which will look like as below.
gmail account settings click edit specified by multiple sign in.Now a page will open as follows.

gmail account settings
4.check use multiple google accounts also check all the options below that.And now you have successfully set up your account to open multiple gmail ids in same browser.

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