DVDFab 11 Review: A Perfect All in One Suite for DVD, Blu-ray, And UHD Discs

Nearly two years ago we did review the DVDFab 10. Now today we're going to review its 11th installment which came as DVDFab 11 with completely redesigned and flat UI. DVDFab is among us for a long time now (since 2003) and years of trust and development have led this product to come so far. Just like DVDFab 10, DVDFab 11 is an all in one suite for all your DVD and Blu-ray needs. If you want to copy, rip, create, or convert a DVD/Blu-ray media then DVDFab 11 is the ultimate tool for you.

dvdfab 11 review

DVDFab 11 Review: A Quick Introduction

Before getting to the review you should know what DVDFab 11 actually is and what it does? DVDFab 11 is an all in one DVD, Blu-ray and UHD solution which can copy, rip, convert, and create DVDs, Blu-rays, and UHD discs. It also provides various free tools like YouTube video downloader with which you can download YouTube videos in high resolution and HD decrypter for decrypting discs.

If you use DVDFab 11 then you can use all the tools like copy, ripper, and converter through a single software window. It is a very nice software that can convert any physical disc into an ISO or a folder. It is also known for removing disc encryption and supports decryption of the major disc encryption techniques. If you ever need an all-in-one DVD, Blu-ray, UHD solution then DVDFab is the only answer.

➜ Download DVDFab 11: Download Link

What's New in DVDFab 11?

  • All new plain, flat, and simple design.
  • DVDFab 11 introduced a wireless connectivity feature. You can now connect your smartphone to DVDFab 11 via DVDFab remote with Wi-Fi. Through this feature, you can directly transfer data to your PC from your phone and can also pick up videos to convert them in the DVDFab 11 video converter.
  • The video converter function has now a new special format for YouTube videos which is added as 'Web Optimized'. So if you are converting videos for your YouTube channel this new feature will amaze you.
  • A new 'File Transfer' tool can be found in 'Utilities'. The transfer requires a Wi-Fi connection and DVDFab remote app which should be installed on your Android or iOS device.
  • Now supports nearly 1200+ input and output video formats.

DVDFab 11 Main UI Explained

Have a look at the main UI of DVDFab 11. You can see that all the major functions are accessible from the main window. DVDFab 11 provides four main functions for DVD and Blu-ray operations which are the copy, rip, convert, and create a DVD or Blu-ray. The 'Utilities' tab provides some free tools like BDinfo, BDfix, YouTube video downloader, and file transfer. Clicking the 'Task Queue' will show you the active threads running. You can directly save a DVD or Blu-ray disc as an ISO or a folder from the main window. Just check out the dedicated 'ISO', and the folder buttons below.

dvdfab 11 ui

DVDFab 11 Main Functions

DVDFab 11 provides four main functions which are being described in detail below. The explanation of these functions will tell you why it is good to call DVDFab 11 an all in one DVD and Blu-ray suite.

1. DVDFab Copy

The copy function simply lets you copy a DVD or Blu-ray disc to another blank DVD or Blu-ray disc, ISO, or a folder. If you want to save a copy of your physical disc then ISO would be the best choice. The copy function has various sub-functions which are listed below.

Full Disc: Copy the entire DVD/BD to a new blank disc, ISO, or folder. This makes an exact replica of your physical disc.

Main Movie: The sub-function only selects the main movie from the disc and copies it to new blank disc, ISO, or a folder. You are allowed to select other main movie titles instead of keeping the one which is selected by default.

Customize: The customize sub-copy function lets you select multiple movie files on the disc. You can choose which movie titles to select and which to skip. After that, you can copy those movie files to a new blank disc, ISO, or a folder.

Split: The split function lets you split a DVD9 into two DVD5.

Merge: With the merge function, you can merge multiple DVDs and Blu-rays into a single disc. But both disc types can't be mixed.

Clone/Burn: If you want to make a 1:1 lossless copy of your DVD or BD then use this function to create a lossless ISO, folder or even burn the copied disc data to a new blank physical disc with the DVDFab burning engine.

ToDVD: If you want to copy and convert a Blu-ray to a DVD format then use this function. This function only supports normal Blu-ray discs, ISO, and folders and doesn't support UHD.

ToBlu-ray: If you want to copy and convert a DVD to a Blu-ray format then use this function to create a new disc, ISO, or a folder.

UHD to Blu-ray: UHD Blu-ray discs are actually 4K BD100 discs. They are known to deliver the ultimate 4K UHD experience on a 4K screen. These discs can't be played on normal BD players. But you can convert these UHD discs to standard Blu-ray format by using the UHD to Blu-ray sub-copy function. Here again, you are allowed to burn a blank BD or create an ISO or a folder.

2. DVDFab Ripper:

If you know what video converting is then you should also be aware of disc ripping. In video conversion, we use video files that are stored on any type of storage media like a disc, flash drive, hard drive, or external hard drive. But in ripping we only use a physical DVD/Blu-ray, ISO, or a folder. The ripper function converts the disc media to other popular video formats like MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV etc.

If you don't own a physical DVD or Blu-ray player in your home then you can use this DVDFab ripper function to actually convert your discs to popular video formats like MP4. MP4 format is highly portable and is mostly used for smartphones, TVs and media players. So if you manage to convert your disc media to MP4 format then you can play it on almost every device that you have like TV, smartphone, tablet, PC, STB, or media players.

Device Specific Disc Ripping  

DVDFab 11 also gives you an option to rip and convert your DVD or Blu-ray disc to a smartphone, tablet, and gaming consoles formats. This is known as device-specific disc ripping, which means that you're actually ripping your physical disc media that would be easily played on your smartphone or gaming console.

The device specific conversion features a lot of devices like the iOS devices, Samsung smartphones, gaming consoles like PS4, PS3, XBOX One, XBOX 360, VR headsets and many more. You just have to select the device and DVDFab 11 will automatically load the best ripping and conversion settings for your device. However, you are allowed to customize the settings before you can start to rip the disc.

3. DVDFab Converter

DVDFab converter function is exactly the same as DVDFab ripper function. The only difference is that in converter function you can use any type of video format instead of just using the DVD and Blu-ray formats. The converter function can easily convert any video format to other video formats. So it is quite possible to convert an MP4 video to an MKV video.

You just simply have to select the video and then have to select your favorite output video format. You are also allowed to customize video settings like resolution, quality, audio, bit-rate etc. This converter function also supports device-specific conversion a feature which we have already explained above. The ripper and the converter functions are nearly the same.

dvdfab 11 video converter

4. DVDFab Creator

The creator function gives you the authority to create your own DVDs, Blu-rays, and UHDs. Simply select your own videos in any format and head over to the creator function. Select either DVD, Blu-ray, or UHD that you want to create. The program also lets you create disc menus and you can also select disc configuration.

Common Options to Customize

If you are using the copy, ripper, or converter function then there are some common options that you can customize. These common options are 'Chapter select', 'Audio select', 'Subtitle select' and 'Video settings'. A DVD or a Blu-ray disc has multiple chapters and you can select or specific chapters while skipping the rest while using any of the three main DVDFab functions.

Many DVDs and Blu-ray discs feature multiple audio streams or languages that you can select while playing them on your player. While using any of the three main DVDFab functions you can select multiple audio streams and skip those unwanted audio streams to speed up the copy, rip, or convert functions. And lastly, you can also select subtitles while using any of the three main DVDFab functions. These three options will be present in all these three main functions.

DVDFab Inbuilt Video Editor

You can use the DVDFab video editor while using the ripper and the converter function. The DVDFab video editor is a set of video editing tools that can be used to edit any movie or video while ripping or converting process. The video editor provides tools like trim, crop, thumbnail, image and text watermark, and adding subtitles. The new video editor in DVDFab 11 is not as great as it was in DVDFab 10 which was easy and straightforward. You can check images from both versions. However, I believe that upcoming updates will surely gonna fix this.

DVDFab 11 Video Editor

DVDFab 10 Video Editor

➜ Special Free Tool: DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader

In this era who doesn't use YouTube? Almost every smartphone user uses YouTube to watch HD videos. And many people want to download those videos so that they can play them on their multimedia devices. For downloading YouTube videos DVDFab 11 provides a special free tool as YouTube video downloader.

This tiny software is itself a YouTube browser which plays YouTube videos and gives options to download them in multiple resolutions. You can download YouTube videos and can directly send the downloaded videos to video converter and convert them to other formats and use the video editor to edit those videos. It works with 32-bit DVDFab 11 only.

Some Non-free Tools Yet Useful

Here are some non-free tools that DVDFab 11 provides. Though these tools are non-free they are actually very useful and handy. These tools are listed below and can be found in 'Utilities' tab.

1. iOS Screen Recorder: Record your iPhone screen with a built-in video editor.

2. DRM Removal for Apple: Apple iTunes content uses Fairplay DRM to lock the content to their devices only. iTunes users can't view this content on any other device. To make this happen one has to remove Apple's DRM and DVDFab DRM removal for Apple is very good at it.

3. YouTube to MP3: Download your favorite YouTube videos as MP3 songs. You can also download the entire playlist at once.

DVDFab Remote: Wirelessly Share Videos From Your Smartphone (iOS/Android) With The Main Program

To use this feature you will need an application named DVDFab remote and a WiFi network. Just connect your PC and your smartphone to the same WiFi network. The DVDFab 11 program will ask you to scan a QR code through your app to wirelessly share videos between PC and the smartphone. This is a new feature and eliminates the use of data cables. Now there is no need to make a wired connection between your PC and phone to transfer videos for conversion. Just use the app and avail its wireless features.

DVDFab 11 Review: Enhanced Performance With Nvidia CUDA, Intel Quick Sync, and AMD Acceleration

Any software which processes videos and discs is useless if it doesn't employ Nvidia CUDA, Intel Quick Sync, and AMD acceleration. These three technologies are known to boost video processing by many folds. If your PC hardware comprises of an Intel Core i7 processor and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 10 series and above graphics cards then these technologies are auto-unlocked for you. With these technologies DVDFab 11 performance quite fast on a supported computer hardware. And finally, the video processing time will be quite less as compared to normal DVD or Blu-ray suites.

DVDFab 11 Pros:

  • A 20-in-1 solution for all your DVD, Blu-ray, UHD copy, ripping and converting needs.
  • Easy to use, secure and gets timely updates.
  • The best solution for DVD, Blu-ray and UHD discs.
  • An easy software to create your physical discs into ISOs or folders.
  • Has special tools for YouTube video and Audio.
  • Unmatched fast performance on Nvidia GeForce GTX 10 or above graphics cards with Nvidia CUDA and Intel Quick Sync technology.
  • Comes with a 30-day fully functional trial period.
  • The copy function is versatile and provides many options to choose from. The copy functions fulfill all types of DVD or Blu-ray copy needs.


So this is the DVDFab 11 review which covered its important details. If you want to dive deep into this software then the best thing would be to download and install DVDFab 11 it and then use it yourself. If this is your first-time install then you'll be granted a 30-day trial period in which most of the software features are fully functional. So what are you waiting for download it and start using it?

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