TunesKit DRM Media Converter Review: Legally Remove DRM From iTunes Movies

If you have ever rented or purchased movies on iTunes then DRM is not new to you. DRM actually stands for ‘Digital Rights Management’ which is an anti-piracy technology used by the copyright owners of some digital content like videos, audio, or movies. DRM technology is basically used to protect the digital content from illegal copying, distributing, or selling. Preventing piracy is good but it also troubles the legal owners of the digital content.

Legal owners are not allowed to move or convert the DRM media to any other device except the ones it is supposed to work on. Apple Inc. uses FairPlay DRM to prevent iTunes users from moving their purchased iTunes movies to any other device. FairPlay also doesn’t allow iTunes users to re-encode or share the videos they have purchased.

Many iTunes users have criticized FairPlay DRM. As they think what’s the use of purchasing iTunes media if they can’t fully own it even after paying the price. DRM removal is legal in most countries and if you have purchased or rented any iTunes media then you are free to remove the DRM lock and can transfer the movies to other devices, share, or re-encode to another video formats like MP4(.mp4).
But in most countries, this practice is partially legal, which means you have to take permissions according to the copyright laws in your country. Before going for the legal DRM removal always check the digital copyright laws of your country.
So, if you are an iTunes user and have purchased or rented the media then you can legally remove the DRM lock from your (.m4v) by using TunesKit DRM Media Converter for Apple Mac and Windows.

TunesKit DRM Media Converter Review

➜ Main Features Of TunesKit DRM Media Converter For Windows

1.Remove FairPlay DRM Losslessly: Apple uses FairPlay to encode its digital content to control access. TunesKit software can easily remove this lock for your purchased or rented iTunes media.

2.Converts M4V to Lossless MP4: The software can convert the .m4v movies to .mp4 format while preserving the original quality. Lossless conversion preserves the original quality and there is no change to be seen in the video quality after the conversion.

3.Supports Non-Apple Devices: After converting the .m4v movies to .mp4 format you can watch the converted videos on any device like your computer, android phone, or media player.

4.Preserve Dolby Sound: TunesKit converter preserves the original audio quality, all audio tracks, 5.1 dolby digital surround sound, subtitles, AAC stereo tracks etc.

5.Easy-to-use Software: The TunesKit software is an easy-to-use software and doesn’t have much confusing options. If you have installed iTunes that it will automatically access the media library and you can see all your purchased videos at one place within this software.

TunesKit Software Terms of Use

By using the TunesKit DRM removal and media converter you accept that DRM removal is legal in your country and you are the authorized owner of the purchased iTunes content. If this statement doesn’t apply to you then please do not use this software as it might be partial legal in your country according to the local copyright law. Please read the official terms of service from the developer itself below.
TunesKit products are specially designed to allow users to use their fair right to the content they purchased for experiencing home entertainment, for example, remove DRM from locked media content they legally purchased from iTunes and copy the media files to multiple devices for playback. In most counties, the copyright law will allow the original purchaser or user to make a copy of their legal purchase for personal use. However, it might be illegal to remove DRM protection from purchased iTunes movies or audiobooks without permission according to the laws in different countries. Since our software is sold worldwide, each user shall comply with the local copyright law, and use the software accordingly and legally.
Read Full Terms and Conditions

➜ Downloads Required

  • iTunes
  • TunesKit DRM Media Converter - Mac|Windows

How to Use TunesKit DRM Media Converter

  • Download and install the required software. Links are given above.
  • After installing open the TunesKit software. It will automatically access the iTunes video library.
  • If it doesn’t then click ‘Add Files’ and import the M4V files. When a popup opens select the videos you want to convert.

  • Alternatively you can just drag and drop the M4V videos in the converter directly.
  • After the videos get added you can customize the audio and subtitle options.
  • If you want all audios and subtitles then leave the option set to ‘All Audio’ and ‘All Subtitles’.

  • Make sure that the ‘Format’ is set to ‘MP4 Lossless’ which will preserve the original video quality and sound during and after conversion.
  • Finally click the ‘Convert’ button to start converting your M4V videos to MP4 that you can later watch on any non-Apple device.
  • After the conversion, click ‘Open’ to access the output folder.
  • From this output folder you can copy or move your converted media to other devices like computer, smartphone etc.

TunesKit DRM Media Converter Pros

  • Losslessly converts M4V to MP4 videos.
  • Easy to use and automatically accesses iTunes library for quick video conversion at one place. No need to look for videos from various locations on the hard drive.
  • Preserves the sound quality, dual audio language, and subtitles.
  • Software weighs only 2MB and provides powerful functionality with easy-to-use navigation.
  • Specially designed for Apple devices which use the FairPlay DRM encoding.

TunesKit DRM Media Converter Cons

  • The free version only converts 5 minutes of each video.
  • It is bound with copyright laws and suggest not to use the software if your country’s copyright laws don’t allow you to remove DRM.

Final Verdict

DRM removal is legal if you have purchased the iTunes media and your country’s copyright laws permit you to do so. So, if you are looking for such software then TunesKit will not disappoint you. It is currently the best and easy-to-use DRM removal and converter software tool that you can purchase for just $44.95 (Windows and Mac).

To buy this software anytime scroll above and move to the ‘Downloads Required’ section and click either Mac or Windows. TunesKit software comes with 60-days money back guarantee, lifetime free upgrades, 24/7 customer support, and their software are 100% malware and virus free. If you don’t like the software then you can take your money back within 60-days after the purchase.

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