Able2Extract Professional 12 Review: An All-in-One PDF Tool For Windows, Mac, And Linux

Over a year ago, Pcnexus reviewed Able2Extract Professional 10, a desktop software for converting, creating and editing PDF files. We found it to be easy to use editor with more pros than cons. That's why we decided to take the opportunity to review the recently released new Able2Extract Professional 12.

It sports some completely new features and a number of improvements. For example, we were pleasantly surprised to see that it is now possible to edit the entire paragraph and larger blocks of text-something we highlighted as a weakness in the previously reviewed version 10. In this review, we'll take a closer look at two brand new features and two that become even better in version 12.

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PDF Forms Filler and Creator

In order to bring users even closer to the elusive paperless office, Able2Extract now lets you fill out interactive PDF forms.

If you are wondering what's the difference between interactive and non-interactive PDF forms, it's simple: non-interactive PDF forms are just PDFs with lines and boxes that you need to fill out somehow. Most people would download the file, fill it out, then scan it and send or submit where needed. With Able2Extract 12, you can open the form, complete it, save and send (submit). No paper whatsoever!

On top of that, Able2Extract 12 has an integrated PDF editor, which means that you can modify the PDF forms as well.

How to Fill In and Edit PDF Forms With Able2Extract 12

  • To start filling out an interactive PDF form, all you need to do is to open it in Able2Extract using the Open icon on the command toolbar. When you fill it out, click the Save icon and you’re done.

  • To edit PDF forms, open one and switch to the Edit mode by clicking the Edit icon on the toolbar.

  • Now switch to the Forms tab that you will find on the right side panel. From there you can add or delete form fields, and change the properties of the existing ones.
  • Every form field can be further customized (use the More button in the section Properties).

Insert Bates Numbering

Bates numbering is primarily used to index lengthy legal, business, and medical documents.

With Able2Extract 12 you can add customized bates numbers to your PDFs:
  • Choose text, font, and position of the bates number.
  • Add suffixes and prefixes (counter, date, page).
  • Select the page range to which you'd like to apply it.

How to Add and Remove Bates Numbering with Able2Extract

Open your PDF and switch to the editing mode as already described. Go to the Edit menu and hover the mouse pointer over Bates Numbering. Select Add and you will be presented with the above mentioned options. To delete Bates numbering, instead of Add, choose the option Remove.

Faster Batch Conversions

With the new Able2Extract, you can select the folder containing multiple PDFs and the software will automatically add all of the supported files in the conversion queue.

In order to make batch converting even faster, there’s an option to set the Output folder “Same as Source” just by checking the tick box.

Here's how to quickly import multiple PDFs for conversion:

  • Click on Batch icon on the command toolbar
  • Click on the button Add Directory and select the folder from your drive
  • Choose the output folder, conversion file type, fill out captcha and click Convert.

Improved PDF to Excel Conversion

Able2Extract is best known for its PDF to Excel conversion option. It provides automatic or standard and custom PDF conversion to Excel which allows users to adjust the row and column structure of their tables and to also preview and further tweak their Excel conversion output.

Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that with each new version of the software, PDF to Excel is further improved. This latest version features some under the hood enhancements like advanced analysis aimed at accurate identification of complex table structures.

This advanced analysis is setup as the default setting, which means that it works for the user behind the scenes. The setting to “Extract Tables Only” is still there and can be saved as default in the settings (check out the screen capture above).

Another important improvement that the custom PDF to Excel conversion users will definitely notice in the interface is the support for the named table structures. For users this means that they can name and manage table structures. One named table structure can be shared between tables of more than one-page range, which offers even more control over conversions of PDF tables.

Our verdict

Compared to the previous version, Able2Extract Professional 12 comes with a lot of improvements and extremely useful new features while keeping the same price for a lifetime license. You should seriously consider adding this all-in-one PDF tool to your productivity software arsenal as it will definitely streamline your work when it comes to dealing with PDFs. The new Able2Extract is available for download since December 6th. As before, it is free to try for 7 days.

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