Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Review: An All In One Data Recovery Solution For Android

Android smartphones and tablets sometimes bear a common problem which costs user data. At most times it happens that you accidently delete your personal data from the phone. It is an annoying situation since after getting the data deleted from the android phone it is hard to recover. The deleted data mostly consists of photos, videos, contacts, and WhatsApp messages. However contacts are not prone to accidental deletion but photos, videos, and WhatsApp messages are. Whenever the internal storage is nearly full then android will warn you to move the data to external Sdcard. When the storage gets full nothing can be stored on it and the phone becomes slow.

So you go on to tackle this situation and try to find out unusual photos and videos. But what actually happens that you select the whole folder in the gallery instead of several unusual images and tap delete. As a result, all your photos and videos get deleted. I have heard seen similar problems where users say that they deleted the entire album accidently because of confusing android gallery app. Some android gallery apps show all photos as a folder and most times you take this folder as a single image. This misunderstanding leads to android data loss.

The same case goes with WhatsApp chat history. WhatsApp stores its chat backup on internal storage in a folder named “WhatsApp>Databases”. This folder contains daily data backup files. Deleting this folder will delete all the backup files and media files that you have shared on WhatsApp. However, you can again take chat backup if you haven’t cleared the chats. If you have deleted the folder and also cleared the chats then android data recovery is the only solution to get back the chats.

So, if you have lost your android data either by accidental deletion or a factory reset then we are going to teach you how you can recover your deleted photos, videos, and WhatsApp chats within few minutes.

Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Review: Recover Deleted Data From Android's Internal Storage

Here we present the Tenorshare Android Data recovery software that has the full potential to recover your lost android data without hassles. You do not need to get expensive data recovery services. Just use the Tenorshare android data recovery and recover your deleted photos, videos, contacts and WhatsApp chats with ease. Notable features of this software are given below.
  • Recovers lost data from android internal storage.
  • Can recover photos, videos, WhatsApp chats, and SMS messages.
  • Can perform data recovery on SD card also.
  • Easy to use.
  • Supports a wide range of android smartphones from manufacturers like Sony, Samsung, LG, Asus, Lenovo, Motorola, HTC, Nexus, AT&T and Verizon etc.
  • Supports android data recovery after factory reset.

How to Use Tenorshare Android Data Recovery

Note: The trial version doesn't recover all files. So to recover your deleted android data you have to purchase a licence key of this software.

Important Note: While using Tenorshare android data recovery we found that the software was unable to root a Motorola device. Without rooting it can't scan the internal storage. So, if this software is not able to root your phone then you have to root it manually. If you know nothing about rooting an android then do not buy this software. But Samsung, Sony and HTC phones are fully supported.
  • Download Tenorshare android data recovery from this link.
  • Install the software on your PC.
  • Now enable "USB debugging" in "Developer options".
  • Now launch the software on your PC. You will be asked to connect the device via USB. Connect the phone to PC via USB.

tenorshare android data recovery
  • Then after connecting the phone the software will move to "Scan Device" tab.
  • Here you will be asked to grant Super user access to this software so that it can scan the internal storage of your android phone.
  • Click "Next" and allow the software to root your android device. It can take 3-5 minutes.

  • On successful rooting your phone will show you a Superuser request. You should tap allow to grant the access.
  • Now after allowing the Superuser access you have to select the file types which you want to recover.

  • We suggest you to select the all file types for recovering. Finally, click "Next".
  • Now let the software scan your phone's internal storage for deleted files. It will some time to show the list of deleted files.
  • When the scan is completed then you will given a list of deleted files that can be recovered.
  • The files are organized on the left panel according to different categories. You can individually select contacts, messages, photos, videos, WhatsApp chats, call history, audio and other files. See image below.

  • After selecting the files click "Recover" and select the location on your PC where you want to restore deleted data android.
  • You have just recovered your deleted files from your phone's internal storage.

Should You Buy Tenorshare Android Data Recovery

Tenorshare android data recovery is a useful and affordable software when it comes to android tablet data recovery. But we can't be sure that it will support your android device or not. Most of the times this software was unable to root our android devices. So, we have to manually root the phone. Since rooting is an advanced process. Doing it wrongly can damage your phone permanently. So, before buying this software use the trial version and check whether it is able to root your phone or not.

If after using the trial version you are sure that Tenorshare android data recovery fully supports your android phone or tablet then you click the link below to purchase it.

Buy Tenorshare Android Data Recovery: Buy Now

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