AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Review: Free Disk Partition Manager For Windows

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is a free disk partition management software for Microsoft Windows. With AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard you can extend the partition in which the operating system is installed, that is you can extend the space of drive C:\ without losing any data. This is not it as AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard provides various useful disk management tools that any other software may not provide. Over time the C:\ drive will fall short of space due to the installed software and you may need to increase the space to prevent sluggish computer performance. The most useful feature that I have come across is the 'Migrate OS to SSD'. As an SSD is much faster than a typical HDD, you can entirely move your current OS onto a new SSD in few minutes with the default MBR record and registry entries.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard provides various unified useful Disk Partition Management tools in a single software that I am going to tell you. After reading about its features and useful tools, you will know why you should use the AOMEI Partition Assistant for all kinds of disk management operations on Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7/8/8.1 and Windows 10.

Review: AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Free Disk Partition Manager For Windows

1. Extend Partition Wizard : The default windows disk manager is a bit tricky and you may find it difficult to use. But the AOMEI Partition Assistant comes with an 'Extend Partition Wizard' which will guide you throughout the whole process to extend the space of any drive partition without losing any data.

AOMEI extend partition wizard

2. Disk/Partition Copy Wizard : For the purposes of protecting your data when program crash or unexpected situation comes or the data migration, AOMEI Partition Assistant upgraded new features to copy disk and copy partition. If you got a new disk and want to move all data on the older disk to the new disk, the disk copy function is ready for you. If you would like to migrate a part of the whole disk (only a partition, not an entire disk), partition copy function is right here. You can boot OS from target disk after all data copied from the original to target disk.

With this feature, you can make copies of a single partition on other SSDs and HDDs with a quick copy (file by file) and complete copy (sector by sector) method.

3. Migrate OS To SSD : It is very cumbersome to move your data between older HDD and a newer SSD because first, you need to install the OS on the new SSD and then move your data. But with AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard you can completely migrate OS to SSD from the older HDD. Now after migration you can boot the OS from the new SSD. You can use the partition copy wizard to copy the remaining older partitions on newer SSD or HDD. This feature will save much time.

4. Partition Recovery Wizard : If you accidently deleted any partition then you can retrace it back on a repartitioned disk. It supports FAT32, FAT, NTFS, Linux file systems,

5. NTFS To FAT32 Converter : If you ever need to convert NTFS to FAT32 then AOMEI PAS can do it for you and the reverse is also applicable. The process is done without losing any data. It supports all kinds of storage devices.

6. Make Bootable Media : Situations may arise when your computer fails to boot. Then AOMEI Partition Assistant comes into play, as you can create a bootable Windows PE disk or USB to boot the OS from CD or USB. All the AOMEI Partition Assistant tools will be available in the bootable media. But make sure you make the bootable cd before the problem actually happens so that your PC can stay future proof against this problem. After booting to OS you can fix the problem by replacing the missing files or using the partition recovery wizard.

7. Windows To Go Creator : With the wizard, you can install your customized Windows 8 or 8.1 on removable USB flash drives and external hard drives to boot it from any computer on which you want to use Windows 8 or 8.1. You don't have to buy Windows 8 Enterprise Edition to create a Windows To Go USB drive. It is recommended that you use USB 3.0 port for faster data access.

Disk Management Tools

1. Basic Operations : The basic disk management operations includes deleting a partition, copy disk and wipe an entire hard drive.

2. Disk Surface Test : The disk surface test checks the disk sectors and tells whether or not a bad sector exist that gives a read-write error. However, it can't attempt recovery of bad sectors. There are dozens of ways to fix bad sector, the most effective one is to subdivide the bad sector into an independent unallocated space or use other repair tools.

3. GPT to MBR Conversion :  MBR disks only support up to 2TB partition size, so if you have a disk which is MBR formatted and larger than 2TB, you could only use 2TB disk size among it, but the rest of it could not be used. Converting MBR disk to GPT disk is considerable necessary to make full use of the disk space.

4. Rebuild MBR : From time to time you may get the error message “system missing” or "operating system not found" when you boot up your system. Actually, this means not your system was run away; such errors are most likely caused by damaged Master Boot Record (MBR). In this case, you need to use some special tool to rebuild correct MBR to the computer without destroying any data.

Partition Management Functions

1. Basic Functions : Clicking on a partition opens several functions like resize partition, move partition, merge partition, split, copy, delete, format, change the drive letter, hide partition, wipe partition and create a new partition.

2. Partition Alignment : Align Partition, as it is generally understood, is to indicate the proper alignment of partition. This function is specially designed to accelerate the reading and writing speed for your hard disk, both Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and Solid State Drive (SSD). Thus, it greatly improves the operating speed of your disks and furthermore increases the efficiency of your computer. Therefore, it is of great importance to align partition.

Verdict : If you are currently looking for a free disk partition management software for Microsoft Windows then AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is currently the best option as it is providing more useful tools for managing your disk partitions. If you want the buy the pro version then go to link given in 'Download' section above.

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