Golden Frog VyprVpn Review: Secure Internet Usage With Anonymous Identity

A VPN means Virtual Private Network that is actually a server that provides an encrypted tunnel for communication between your device and itself. The information passing through this tunnel is completely encrypted and can only be used by the providing server. This security tunnel cannot be breached and no one has access to it. This is a basic idea how VPN works and what it is.

The main reason for using a VPN is privacy, security, and anonymity. When you browse the internet through your ISP's DNS then it is easy for anyone to track your identity. Based on your identity your ISP may build a profile of you which may include your browsing habits and data. If you want to hide your online identity and prevent your ISP from tracking you then use a Virtual Private Network Setup. The Internet is not a safe place and once you get connected to it you are in an unknown world where your privacy and security is always at risk. So, in this post, we will be reviewing VyprVpn by Golden Frog.

Golden Frog VyprVpn Review: Secure Internet Usage With Anonymous Identity

VyprVpn by Golden Frog is a VPN service available for android, iOS, MAC, Microsoft Windows and routers. It is the world's first VPN service that incorporates a built-in firewall and a special service knows as the chameleon. Here is a brief review of VyprVpn.
1. Buy Once Use Anywhere: When you buy VyprVpn then it will work on all your devices like android, iOS, MAC, Windows 10, or even routers. It also supports PPTP/L2TP configurations which are supported by most devices and routers. You can simultaneously connect a maximum of 5 devices to these service in the premier plan.

2. NAT Firewall: NAT firewall is an additional layer of security which blocks unrequested inbound traffic. An unrequested inbound traffic means when your computer haven't requested the traffic and still it tries to reach your network. These types of requests may come from unknown sources that may try to access your identity via open network ports. With NAT firewall this kind of requests is blocked before reaching your device.

3. Prevents VPN Blocking: Some countries or corporations now have a potential to block VPN services by recognizing them via deep packet inspection. To defeat this VyprVpn server uses the Chameleon technology which encrypts OpenVPN packet metadata which is not recognizable via deep packet inspection. It is automatically activated for pro and premier accounts.

4. VyprDNS: Golden Frog uses their own DNS server to resolve the site's address. Instead of using the default ISP DNS VyprVPN uses the encrypted VyprDNS which prevents man in the middle attacks and prevent DNS filtering.

5. Unlimited Data Usage: There is no limit for data usage. Once you purchase a plan then you automatically get unlimited access to worldwide servers.

VyprVPN Control Panel

After you purchase their service you will be given a dedicated account. You can login in to your account on Golden Frog's official website. From here you can download VPN software for Windows, MAC, and iOS. You can anytime upgrade your account. Read tutorials for configuring the service on routers and PPTP/L2TP enabled devices. There is a Live Support option also. If you want quick support then you can quickly chat with the agents to resolve your problems.

vyprvpn control panel

VyprVPN Speed Test

Below is a screenshot showing downloading speed. The tests were carried on a 50 Mbps connection. You can see that after using the VyprVPN the speeds are greatly reduced but are still manageable. We had no problem while working at that speed. The speed greatly depends on the server locations. So you can tweak the data speed by choosing the right server which is nearest to your country.

vyprvpn speedtest

VyprVPN Android VPN App

The VyprVPN android app is easy to use for creating a VPN connection. You just have to login once. On the app's dashboard you can see three options "Connect to Untrusted Wi-Fi", "Kill Switch" and "Block Malicious Sites". All these 3 features can be turned ON and OFF by the user. When the "Kill Switch" is enabled then it automatically disables your data network when the VPN gets disconnected. It automatically blocks malicious websites and allow you to connect to public or open Wi-Fi networks with security. Swipe on the screen towards your left to access speed graph and connection logs.

Tap the location icon to select the desired server. The app will automatically give ping tests for various servers. You should choose the server will least ping value or you can tap 'Fastest server' for optimal connection.

In the 'Settings' you can select the network protocol from 'Chameleon - 256-bit Encryption', 'OpenVPN - 256-bit Encryption', 'OpenVPN - 160-bit Encryption'. In 'Connection per App' you can force every android app to use the VPN connection. See the image below to enable this feature.

Automatic Reconnect

The automatic reconnect feature has several options which are as follows.
  • Automatic Reconnect: If enabled then VyprVPN will automatically connect on disconnection.
  • Connect when android starts.
  • Connect when app starts: Automatically connects when any app gets started.
  • Connect on cellular: Automatically connects when cellular data is enabled.
When this feature is enabled then you don't have to connect the VPN manually. It will automatically reconnect on disconnection.

VyprVPN Pros

  • VyprVPN doesn't use any third-party services. They write their code themselves and totally own the servers worldwide.
  • You need to only buy it once and use it on every device you want. Apps are available for android iOS, MAC and Microsoft Windows with router configuration.
  • Ability to prevent VPN blocking technologies and has a built in firewall for additional security.
  • 700+ severs in 50 locations worldwide with 200,000+ IPs helps to protect your online privacy and connections.
  • There is no limit for connecting to any server. You can switch to any server of your choice without any restriction.
  • Excellent internet speeds. No drops in data speeds.

VyprVPN Cons

  • No refund policy. After purchasing you can't get refund.
  • They log your data. Check Golden Frog's complete privacy policy.

I would personally recommend Hide My IP (Read Review) or ExpressVPN (Read Review). These two VPN apps are much affordable than VyprVPN. Hide My IP is a clear winner when it comes to price and speed. However ExpressVPN is also very good and we didn't face any speed issues with VyprVPN also. However if you want flexible VPN servers with unlimited access then you should check Hide My Ass!

Should You Buy Golden Frog VyprVPN

There are many VPN apps available for android, iOS, MAC and Windows that have a low price. But if you want the tightest security in the form a virtual private network then VyprVPN is the best choice. I am pretty much impressed by their technology like the NAT firewall and Chameleon. These two technologies completely encrypt every single bit of your network traffic even the DNS so nobody can spy on you.

If the price is the only judging point then you should go for Hide My IP which is much affordable. But I admit that for the price VyprVPN is giving much better security features than others. However, I personally recommend Hide My IP or ExpressVPN to any average internet user. If you still want to buy VyprVPN then go to the link below.

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