Wondershare MirrorGo: Record, Capture Or Mirror Android Screen On Your PC

Recording android screen has been a popular topic since a long time. Android screen recording can be used to record a tutorial which is somewhat hard to explain on paper. There are many apps in Google Play store that allow to record your phone's screen. But most of these apps require root access. If you don't want to rot your phone then you can't use them. On the other hand some apps provide better screen recording function but they require a PC to activate the app. This will be done each time you restart your PC.

With the launch of android 5.0 Lollipop APIs it is now possible to directly record android screen from the phone. For that you don't require a PC and no rooting is required. These apps can provide full HD recording without frame loss. So, can record your android gaming and other tutorials on the phone itself. But if your phone is running android 5.0 of below then these apps will not going to work on your phone. In this post we are introducing Wondershare MirroGo software which can record, capture and mirror android phones' screen on a PC/laptop's screen or even on a larger display.

Wondershare MirroGo: Record, Capture Or Mirror Android Screen On Your PC

Wondershare MirrorGo Basically performs four tasks that are given below.

1. Screen Capture: Capture screenshots and directly save them to your PC. It saves much time because you don't need to transfer the screenshots later, as it is being done simultaneously.

2. Android Record Screen: Anytime record your phone's screen and save the recorded video to your PC. Rooting is not required. And it supports almost every android phone that has USB debugging mode.

3. Android Screen Mirror To PC: When you connect your phone to PC and run MirrorGo then you can use the full screen function to view android screen on PC. You can enjoy android games on a larger screen by connecting your PC/laptop to HDTV via HDMI cable. This feature extremely useful for Full HD android phones because not all phones have MHL or chromecast screen share functionalities.

4. File Transfer: You can directly transfer files from PC to your phone and view the transfer log in MirrorGo app on your phone.

We are familiar with android record screen function. Now we will talk about the android phone mirroring. Screen mirroring is displaying the contents of your phone's screen on a larger display like HDTV. This can be achieved either by using the built in mirroring function of the android phone. The HDTV should have Wi-Fi connectivity otherwise it won't work. The second option is to use chromecast, but not all apps support Google cast and finally is to a MHL cable.

MHL functionality is also not available on all phones it is found mostly in high end android phones. So we have learnt that to use android screen mirror to PC or HDTV we should have at least mirroring function in our phones or should have the MHL function. If you don't have any of these then you can download Wondershare MirrorGo and can capture, record or use android screen mirror to PC or HDTV.

How To Record Android Screen On PC With Wondershare MirrorGo

  • Download Wondeshare MirrorGo from this link.
  • Enable USB Debugging on your phone.
  • Launch the MirrorGo software on PC and connect your phone to PC via USB cable.
  • Let the software identify your phone. A popup will open on your phone you should tap 'Allow' to make a successful connection.
  • The MirrorGo app will be installed on your phone. On successful connection you will see a screen like this.

    wondershare mirrorgo
  • On the right panel you can access controls. See the controls description below.

  • Click the camera button to capture a screen shot, then finally click the floppy icon to save it on your PC.
  • Similarly you can record the phone's screen in full screen mode. Refer to the control scheme above.
  • The videos are saved in MirroGo_RecordFolder. A game playing screenshot is given below.

Advantages Of Wondershare MirrorGo

  • Record, capture or mirror android screen to PC or HDTV.
  • Doesn't require your phone to be rooted.
  • Supports a wide range of android phones irrespective of make and model. It has been tested on Sony and Samsung phones.
  • Allows you to record HD android gameplay videos and later then you can share them to show some secret moves or create a tutorial.
  • Enjoy android games on PC without any emulator like Bluestacks.
  • Lets you android games with a computer mice.

Disadvantages Of Wondershare MirrorGo

The below mentioned problems are encountered with low end android phones.
  • It doesn't work properly with low end phones.
  • Sometimes the phones get stuck and cannot be switched off without pulling the battery.
  • While using the computer mice to play games one of the on screen buttons got jammed.

Buy Wondershare MirrorGo

The free version of Wondershare MirrorGo doesn't record full length videos so you have to purchase the full working licence for this software. One month subscription for this software only costs just $3.95 and that is also coming with a 30 day money back policy. You can also purchase the one year subscription at just $29.95 for 1 PC. You can use it with any number of phones but the subscription will work only on one PC.

How To Uninstall

If you don't like the Wondershare MirrorGo and have better alternatives or you are going to develop your own recording app then you will be uninstalling this software. To do so go to the control panel in Microsoft Windows and click 'Programs and Features'. Find MirrorGo and uninstall it. Now go to C:/Program Files or the x-86 Program Files. Here Find 'Wondershare' folder open it. Then open 'WAF' folder and double click 'unins000'. Run this file to completely remove the software. Finally delete Wondershare folders from 'My Documents'. Run a registry clean to delete invalid entries. On your android phone uninstall MirrorGo and MobileGoConnector from Settings>Apps>Downloaded.

What We Say About Wondershare MirrorGo

Wondershare is a useful android screen recording and mirroring software that works without rooting your phone. There is no app in Google Play store that can provide screen mirroring function to android phones that doesn't support DLNA or MHL. But Wondershare is a clear winner in this situation as it works with almost every phone that support USB debugging. If you are looking for screen recording, mirroring and file transfer software for android then MirrorGo is the best choice. There's not a hurry, you can use the full software for a month at just $3.95 and then decide whether to purchase the 1 year licence or not. Let us know if you have any queries about this software.

Watch The Video

Below is a video tutorial that you may find useful. However the mirroring function is slow in this video due to the another screen recording program that we were using to record the Wondershare MirrorGo.

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