Wondershare Data Recovery Review: A Full Solution to Recover Lost Data on Windows and MAC

Managing our digital data in today's computer era has become a challenge. It doesn't matter how we manage it, most of the times we loose our precious files. Sometimes it happens that the computer crashes and the entire hard drive gets wiped. An unknown viruses formatted the computer hard drive and you lost all the files. You were upgrading the computer's OS and accidently deleted the partition where all your files were stored. While carrying the hard drive you dropped it and a sudden mechanical shock wiped the hard disk.

Once the data is lost it cannot be easily recovered. But most people treat this situation as final. But actually data can be recovered from a wiped hard drive. Deleting the data means only removing the references. When the OS doesn't find any valid reference to that file it considers it as deleted. But the file still exists on the hard drive without a reference. When you copy new file to the disk then the deleted file will be overwritten. In this case it can't be recovered. So it is advised not to copy new files to the hard drive when its partitions get wiped. Because if you continuously writing new files then old files will get replaced and get corrupted. If this happens the chances of file recovery will be greatly reduced.

Wondershare Data Recovery Review: Recover Lost Files On Windows PC

Wondershare Data Recovery is a data recovery software for Microsoft Windows which provides in depth file recovery options on almost all types of storage devices. With this recovery software you can recover your deleted photos, music, videos, emails, office documents and files having unknown extensions. Unlike other recovery software Wondershare provides scanning the lost partitions which are not user accessible.

If you are not sure which partition to scan for deleted files then there is also an option to scan the whole computer. Before starting a lost file scan Wondershare Data Rec will ask you to enable 'Deep Scan' which will scan every bit of the hard drive to get the deleted files. However this function takes lot more time then the normal scanning. For a successful recovery rate you should enable 'Deep Scan'. Deep Scanning the computer may take hours so you don't need to sit in front of your PC all the time.  Below is a tutorial on using this software.

  • Download Wondershare Data  Recovery. The trial version only recovers 100 MB of data but if you want to fully use the software then buy pro version.
  • After installing open it. You will be asked to select a file type. Select the file type which you want to recover.
  • If you want to recover all files then select 'All File Types'. Then click 'Next'.
  • Then select the location which you want to scan for deleted files. Click browse and choose the location.
  • You can select 'Recycle Bin', 'Desktop', 'Removable Drives' or your entire computer. If you can't see hard drive partitions then select 'I can't find my partitions'. Then select the desired partition volume to scan.
  • After selecting the location click 'Next'. The put a check in 'Enable Deep Scan' and also check 'Enable RAW File Recovery' if you are recovering photos. Then click 'Start' to begin scanning.
  • Deep Scanning take several hours to scan the entire computer and will greatly depend on storage size. 
  • When the scan finishes it will show you list of files. On the left pane you can select the file types.
  • Files with a green dot can only be recovered. Click on any file to see its preview.
  • To recover a single file right click on it and select 'Recover highlighted' then select the recovery location either C, D, E or F drive. Finally click 'Recover'.
  • Now go to the recovery location and find a folder named 'Data Recovery' followed by current date. Open this folder, it will contain sub folders. Keep opening the folders unless you see your recovered files.
  • You can recover all other file types by following the above procedure. 

Wondershare Data Recovery Pros

  • Easy to use user interface.
  • Allow scanning of lost partitions.
  • Can scan the computer's desktop and recycle bin.
  • Provides an easy approach to recover lost photos, videos, emails, documents and unknown file types.
  • Supports majority of storage devices like hard drives, flash drives, SDcards, removable drives and digital camera.
  • Allows you to pause the recovery so that you can turn off the PC and later resume it. It will ask you to save the current scan before closing the program.
  • Supports data recovery format FAT16, FAT32, exFAT and NTFS file systems.

Wondershare Data Recovery Cons

It recover files according to their actual storage location. So when you access the file after recovery you will need to open multiple sub folders. This creates a long directory of recovered files. Deep Scan may take hours to finish but it crucial since you are recovering a larger amount of data and data recovery is not just like twisting a magic wand to get the deleted files back. You can always pause the scan and resume it later. This feature is currently present in Wondershare Data Recovery only. Another cons is that the trial version only recovers 100 MB of data. It doesn't support raid recovery services.

Is It Worth Buying Wondershare Data Recovery

If you ask data recovery experts then they may charge you anywhere between $1000-$1500 for recovering lost data on a 500 GB hard drive. It is too expensive, but they assure you 100% recovery of files even damaged files. But if you can't spend that much money then yes I can say that Wondershare Data Recovery is worth buying.

The 1 year license for this software costs only $29.95 for 1 PC and a lifetime license can be purchased for 1 PC at just $39.95 and they support all major payment options. It also comes with 30 day money back guarantee.

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