Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro Review : Best iPhone Data Manager And Cleaner

With the launch of iOS 9 this year Apple inc, released the much anticipated iPhone OS which is more reliable, smoother and faster. The iOS 9 is available on a number of iPhones like iPhone 4S, 5S, 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. Being the best iPhone OS of all times, iOS 9 doesn't guarantee full proof prevention from performance lags, sluggishness or low space. Overtime your iPhone 6S may become slow due to heavy updates and apps installed in it. The apps installed may take up more storage there by not leaving enough room for the iPhone to run smoothly. In this case you may end up removing apps. But some apps can not be removed and they produce a lot of cache and unwanted files like the Apple Safari app. For optimal performance this cache data should be cleaned regularly.

Now you may be heading to itunes store to find some iPhone cleaner apps. But hang on, you don't need to go anywhere and I am telling you that 'Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro' is the best tool available for managing your iPhone 6S data at fingertips.

Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro

Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro is a Windows and MAC based software which can tweak the performance of your iOS device so that they can run smoothly. This tool is further divided into six small tools which includes the following.

  • File Manager.
  • Speed Up and Clean.
  • Backup and Restore.
  • Remove ads on iDevices.
  • Repair iOS.
  • Fix stuck iPhone 6S.

How To Manage Data On iPhone With Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro

With File Manager feature of iPhone Care Pro you can easily manage 8 types of files (Contacts, Notes, Calendar, APP, Video, Bookmark, Photo and Music). You can do a lot of changes with iPhone Care Pro including edit, delete, add new items and export to computer. With this tool, you can easily share videos, music around as well.

1. First of all download and install the software from the above given link either for your MAC or Windows PC.
2. Now connect the device to computer via USB cable and launch the program.
3. Here click 'Files Manager'. You will see 8 types of files here. Choose the type, which you want to work with.

Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro

4. Now after selecting the file type you can easily manage the data. You can add files to your phone, delete them and export them to your PC.
5. You can also backup apps with this tool.

Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro app backup

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Other Useful Tools

1. Stuck iOS 9 : Sometimes it happens that your iPhone/iPad/iPod gets stuck permanently and this happens often. This is a very annoying situation. As no body would expect such a response from any iDevice. Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro makes it easy to enter and exit recovery mode and DFU mode with ease.

2. Repair iOS : The iOS may get corrupt due to missing system files. This may result into iPhone crashes and freezing. Tenorshare ICP overcomes this problem by automatically updating the iOS firmware to the latest system update.

3. Speed Up and Clean : It speeds up your iDevice by cleaning unnecessary files and cache. It provides two types of cleaning. One is quick clean and other is deep clean. Quick clean can clear 8 types of the junk files are included, APP Caches, App Cookies, App Temp files, App Crash Logs, Download Temp files, Photo Caches, User Storage Files, iTunes Radio Caches. While deep clean can clear 12 types of junk files including browsing history, Safari cookies and calling history etc.


  • All in one tool to manage iPhone data.
  • Provides 6 small tools for speeding up, cleaning, fixing iOS crashes and data management.
  • Best tool for iPhone/iPad/iPod devices.
  • It comes with 90 days money back guarantee.

Why To Buy

If you want to keep your iPhone performance at the top then you should buy it. There is no tool available except Tenorshare ICP which provides 6 useful tools in one software package. And the best thing that it comes with a 90 days money back guarantee. If you want to try it or buy it please check it out here.

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