IOLO System Mechanic 14: Fix, Clean, Boost And Speed Up Your PC

Over the course of the past 15 years or so, you may have heard of IOLO System Mechanic. Well-known for its history of optimizing PCs, System Mechanic has won numerous awards over the years and sold a large number of copies and one of the most unique things about the program along with this that has kept it on the market is its consistent ability to add more and more features. The makers of System Mechanic, iolo technologies, do this by regularly releasing updates to the program that adjust to take on the ever-evolving problems that slow down PCs.

iolo system mechanic

The latest version of System Mechanic just released by iolo, System Mechanic 14, focuses on optimizing PCs in real-time, greatly improving the PC user experience and maximizing app and battery performance.

Version 14 features a brand new technology, LiveBoost Technology, that approaches PC optimization with the unique angle of improving PC performance in real time. By real time, iolo means that System Mechanic not only speeds up the launch of a PCs system or a program, but specifically how snappy a computer is while you use it. What that means is that your PC reacts and performs smoother with every moment of use.

Making up LiveBoost are three distinct features:

  • OptiCore :This feature frees up CPU that is being used by programs that are not integral.
  • RAMJet : Does a similar function to OptiCore, but instead frees up memory when you need it.
  • AcceleWrite : Minimizes the writing of data on drives to improve overall system performance.
  • Power Sense : Another dynamic tool recently added to System Mechanic is PowerSense. PowerSense features two modes that optimizes PC power and that will kick in automatically based on what PC users are doing on their machine:
  • Ultra Performance Mode : This is what kicks in automatically when a PC user is doing an exhaustive activity like gaming. This will make sure that you get the most out of those intensive activities like video editing or graphic design.
  • Endurance Mode : This kicks in when a PC lacks power and needs to reserve its power for as long as possible. This mode is perfect for a user who is working on just a word document or surfing the Internet.

Now that the technical stuff is out of the way, it is also valuable to understand System Mechanic from the perspective of an average PC user. If you aren’t someone who is into the technical things like RAM and memory, System Mechanic is pretty easy to explain – it is an easy to use software that can clean out and speed up a PC.

If you have an old PC that has been bogged down over time and you want to rejuvenate, or if you have a newer PC that you want to make sure keeps running up to a good speed, System Mechanic can be a worthy asset.

If you are interested in finding out more about System Mechanic or downloading it, go to iolo's website. On their site you can also find out more about the rest of iolo’s product line, including the free version of System Mechanic, System Mechanic Free.

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