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  1. Dear Sirs,
    We would like to submit our revolutionary app to be reviewed by you.
    We have developed state-of-the-art app, that allow users to memorize words in English, Spanish or Thai 20 times faster.
    It uses spaced-repetition learning, which is based on the forgetting curve (discovered in 1885 but not well applied since that time. Also we mix studying language with fun - these two factors speed up learning process up to 20 times.
    "LingLing" - has database of 42.000 words & recordings in English, Spanish and Thai, translated into 18 languages. It gives the ability to learn over 10.000 words a year. No other computer program or app, or method could do that before.
    You can download the app for free at Google Play™:
    We would be grateful for your opinion and review and we are happy to give further information about this app. We are convinced that this will be soon be the most popular language app globally.
    Best Regards
    Krzysztof Krol

    1. Yes we can review this product.You can contact us on the below link for furhter assistance on paid reviews.


    2. sir have added a smart lock app n have locked my many pics but few day before i saw it is displayng no thumbnail so i just checked my application manager the cache was cleared by defaulf from the app now i want that pics because they were really important hope u have some solution for it

    3. If they were on sd card then you can use recuva to recover them back on a windows pc. See below.


  2. how to change the display image of my music player song the pic is already deleted from phone but still is apears in many songs i want to change it asa plz help

    1. If you put songs and pics in the same folder then pics will show in music player. To remove images from songs just clear the app cache.